How Carter Crandall Chose The Perfect Stikwood Design

Carter Crandall, an interior designer from Blythe Interiors, recently worked on a small 10' x 10' canyon oasis that happened to start as a shed. Her clients, originally from the Pacific Northwest and Northern Idaho, love hiking, camping and anything to do with the outdoors, so Carter wanted to create a space that brought the outdoors in. She also wanted to make sure that she introduced some California Chic style. We interviewed Carter about her project, where she walked us through how she decided to use Reclaimed Weathered Wood White.

What was your starting point for this design?

Initially, the clients selected a manufacturer for the shed structure that they felt most drawn toward aesthetically. We, at Blythe Interiors, worked with the manufacturer to choose colors and finishes that would blend in with the canyon walls. The shed, as well as the surrounding canyon, is visible from other homes in the area, therefore it was important that it be a complement to the overall setting, not stick out as an eyesore.

How did you decide on Reclaimed Weathered Wood White?

After selecting the exterior materials, I spent some time walking through the canyon to search for the interior inspiration. Having used Stikwood on a previous project for an accent wall, I began to have a vision for it as well in this space, but on ALL the walls, not just one. The Reclaimed Weathered Wood White was a very calculated choice as the space overall was a 10’ x 10’ room. I wanted to keep the space light, but craved texture to blend in with the trees and foliage that surrounded the structure. I was drawn to the white as it gave the overall lightness as well as the visual texture that was needed. I also wanted to complement the underbody color of the Reclaimed Weathered Wood White by using a darker paint trim to create a blended look. By applying this to all the walls – and not just one – it really became a neutral background to take in any style or direction I wanted.

How has the Stikwood design enhanced the livability of this space?

Stikwood is so durable – absolutely goof proof. The clients have a 5-year- old son who loves to play in the space (drawing and reading). But you know with kids, sometimes there’s an ‘oops’ and marker or dirt gets on the walls. So, I gave the clients a sample size container of white paint that matched the wood and told them to touch up as needed. It turned out that during the install, we had to use it ourselves! I would just dip my finger in the paint and tap it on the spot ... voila … gone in an instant! Additionally, any bangs and scrapes just really add to the overall character of the material.

What did you find the most rewarding about this project?

It is literally a true retreat and it’s so calming in the space. The interior of the walls is insulated, as well as drywalled, so adding Stikwood created an additional layer of sound buffering.

What have people's responses to the peel and stick walls been like?

Blown away … they absolutely love it! I had to do a little convincing at first to get Stikwood on all the walls, as well as the window wells, but I’m so glad the clients went for it. And so are they! The space feels like the perfect blend of rustic and chic.

Would you use Stikwood again?

A thousand percent, yes, absolutely! Stikwood is on point with the current DIY industry. The product is available to consumers at the perfect time – people love rustic décor and Stikwood fits in perfectly. Plus, it’s really fun to install – very therapeutic!

Thank you so much to Blythe Interiors and Carter Crandall for sharing these pictures of Nestled in Nature with us!

If you love this look as much as we do, be sure to order a peel and stick wood wall sample!

About the Designer

Carter Crandall, a senior designer at Blythe Interiors, is a San Diego native who earned her degree at the Design Institute of San Diego.

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