Project Spotlight: Using Stikwood to Create a DIY Wainscoting

Guest Post by blogger Laura Demetrious of Breezy and Brazen

When we first purchased our house a year ago, I knew I would want to have a room with wood wainscoting. I love the depth and character that it adds to a room. When we got pregnant with baby #2, I knew that turning my home office into a nursery was going to be my opportunity to create a DIY wainscoting look. I used Stikwood’s Sand Stone peel and stick wood planks to make my wainscoting dreams a reality.

I decided that I wanted to install the Stikwood planks in a vertical pattern. The decision was easy when I realized I could order all of the planks in the same length! I ordered all of my planks in 3 feet lengths so that I would have to do minimal cutting on install day (besides around outlet switches and underneath the window.) It’s pretty amazing that you can order the wood planks in specific lengths and they will cut them all for you!

Cutting around the outlet switches was actually easier than I thought it would be. With the help of my dad, I used an electric jigsaw and a utility knife to make the smaller, intricate cuts into the Stikwood after measuring where the faceplates would go. The rest was smooth sailing and was easy as you’d expect with peel and stick wood!

Since there was a raw edge at the top of my DIY wainscoting, I opted for buying and priming a very thin chair rail trim to cap off the wood. I love the way it complements the crib and dresser I picked out for the room. It also matches the baseboards and gives a perfect contrast from the natural wood color. If you have a raw edge on the top or bottom of your Stikwood, you can also use the Stikwoodmetal edgeor corner trim from their website. I absolutely love the way it turned out. The chair rail gave it the perfect polished look.

The outcome of the project was even better than I could have imagined. The real wood gives it the perfect combination of Scandinavian and Woodland, which is exactly what I was going for. I plan to enjoy this room for several years to come, and I know my son will as well.