Using Stikwood to Create A DIY Wood Beam

When it comes to adding character to a home, real wood beams are a fan-favorite that can add texture and dimension to any space. Sometimes beams are necessary to provide structural support, but other times they are an added design element that makes a home feel even more cozy and inviting. In either case, Stikwood can be used to revamp beams or columns in your home.

A traditional wood beam that’s used for structural support is made of solid wood and can be both pricey and difficult to install. But, decorative wooden beams can be made of hollow wood that has been finished with stain or cladded with another material, like Stikwood.

Stikwood cladded beams can also be used to cover non-wood structures like plaster or drywall that’s used in the columns that might accompany a pony wall, or the bulkhead that covers HVAC and electrical equipment. While these spaces are technically finished, they’re often lackluster and feel like an afterthought rather than an intentional design choice.

If your home has one of these design elements, adding real, reclaimed wood on its face can transform its entire look. The same can be said if your home has an existing wood beam that doesn't fit your style. This cladding method is so popular it has even been used by design and construction experts like the Property Brothers on HGTV.

Stikwood works well for refacing beams because the planks are cut extremely thin and made with an easy-to-use adhesive backing that makes installation a breeze. These features make it easy to cover existing bulkheads or columns with a small amount of time and zero construction skills. Plus, the adhesive strips on Stikwood mean no nails, screws or staples which prevents you from having to worry about damaging anything inside of the existing structure.

Because it comes in over 30 finishes, Stikwood can be used to create any look you want ranging from rustic to modern to beachy and everything in between.

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