6 Ways To Use Stikwood That You Haven't Thought Of Yet

When it comes to livening up outdated or unstylish spaces, it can be tough to know which type of material to use. From kitchen islands to bed frames, homeowners should be able to make each space uniquely their own. Stikwood's versatile and lightweight design makes it perfect for so much more than walls or ceilings and some of our customers have gotten really creative with their installations. Check out six of our favorite ideas below:

1. Kitchen Island or Bar Siding

If you love to cook or entertain, renovating your kitchen island, bar or bar cart is a perfect option for introducing more personality into your space. In just one afternoon, Stikwood can turn your island or bar into a space that all of your guests will love.

Finish: Reclaimed Weathered Wood

2. RV/Trailer

If you have your sights set on calling an RV, trailer or camper van home, using lightweight material is more important than ever. Because you’ll always be on the move, Stikwood can make your limited square footage have maximum character.

3. Bed Frame

Finding the perfect bedroom furniture can be tough and finding it in the right color or finish can be even more difficult. Fortunately, one of our customers thought outside-of-the-box and used Stikwood to create the perfect bed frame for their space.

Finish: Minimalist Fir

4. Wardrobe

You might have thought about using Stikwood on your bedroom wall or even your headboard, but have you thought about using it to revamp your wardrobe or dresser? Our thin, lightweight planks will help to jazz up even the oldest furniture.

Finish: Reclaimed Weathered Wood

5. Cabinets

From bedrooms to bathrooms, cabinets are one of the home items that we see constantly needing a facelift. Luckily, rather than replacing or repainting, Stikwood can be used to recover or add texture to dated or old cabinets.

6. Modern Artwork

For artsy individuals, our wood planks can be used to make a custom, modern art wall or statement piece. Planks can be installed in endless ways allowing you to get the exact design you want for your home or event.