4 Big Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Wall Material

Rustic wood wall design continues to be a desirable feature in many modern homes, and with good reason. It’s appearance is timeless, as woods like white oak have been used in building interiors for hundreds of years. Unlike other decorating trends, natural wood wall materials are here to stay.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

In case you aren’t entirely certain, reclaimed wood is wood that was previously processed and has been recycled for a new purpose. It may come from an old barn or structure, or even a wine barrel. Reclaimed wood is not the same as salvaged wood, which is gathered from a forest floor and has never been processed for production.

Why it Makes the Best Wood Wall Designs

When choosing a wood wall material for your home, there are several reasons why it makes sense to choose reclaimed wood over a new product.

It’s Unique

Each weathered wood plank has a history, which may be evident by small nail holes or other markings that give it character. Even if every house on your block has a peel and stick accent wall, no two will ever be exactly alike.

It’s Non-Toxic

Conventional home design materials are typically manufactured using formaldehyde and other chemical treatments, which can leach into to the air inside your home for years before the vapors dissipate -- even after you can no longer smell them. This process is called off-gassing.

By choosing to buy your rustic wall planks from a company that uses only FSC® Certified reclaimed products and VOC-free finishes, you can rest -- and breathe -- more easily.

It Preserves Natural Resources

In 2015, Time Magazine reported that “people cut down 15 billion trees each year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization.” This is alarming, as trees serve the all-important purpose of providing oxygen (not to mention absorbing carbon).

Luckily, there are environmental groups committed to re-planting and reforestation, but it generally takes a long time for new trees to grow. In the meantime, you can save a few trees by using reclaimed wood wall materials.

It Prevents Further Pollution

The timber industry generates a large amount of air and water pollution with large-scale harvesting, transporting, and processing of wood. Other environmental pollution problems include solid waste disposal, toxic air emissions from burned end-cuts, veneer dryer emissions, and glue waste disposal.

Obviously, reclaimed wood has already been harvested and processed long ago. What could be more environmentally friendly than recycling it?

Wood Walls You’ll Fall in Love With

We’ve listed several “green” reasons to use reclaimed wood walls materials. But it’s also important to choose a wood wall design just because you love it. Weathered wood planks can bring a sense of warmth and coziness to a room, or provide balance to contemporary steel or stone surfaces. The best reason to choose reclaimed wood for your walls is because it feels like home.