5 Wow-Worthy Walls Made with Wood Wall Material

Wood may be best known for its classic brown complexion, but the availability of reclaimed wood wall material in a variety of hues and patterns allows you to create a wood wall design that defies convention. Here are five walls that reimagine the rustic material in such modern, colorful, or downright dramatic ways that you might not believe they were made with wood at all.

Full of Red Herrings

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The V-shaped weaving pattern known as herringbone made a resurgence in home interiors in the 1960s and has since remained a hit. Homeowners who crave its edgy, asymmetrical silhouette on their walls can recreate it at home with paint which can prove to be a messy, time-consuming process. Or, they can use weathered wood planks that offer a quick, clean and effortless alternative to nabbing the timeless pattern.

On this den wall, the arrangement of Reclaimed Weathered Wood White planks in a herringbone pattern cleverly creates a complex look that was easy to achieve using wood wall material. The planks' two-toned palette of heather gray and ivory, reminiscent of a distressed paint finish that looks like it took days to create, adds to the artful visual elegance of the wood wall design.

Fireside Facade

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Vaulted ceilings in this show-stopping formal living room draw the eye upward to an ebony fireplace surround that looks as sleek and sultry as obsidian. Yet, its sophisticated looks aren't the doing of natural stone. It's actually a wood wall material in a Charcoal hue that virtually erases the appearance of seams between adjacent planks. Inspired by Shou-Sugi-Ban, or traditional Japanese charred wood, the near pitch-black oak planks that cover the full height of the wall not only add depth and dimension to the hearth, but they also amplify the towering height of the room for an even more opulent effect.

Vine and Dine

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How many wooden surfaces can you spy in this divine dining room? If your answer was one, the dining table, your eyes have fooled you! Boasting sharper lines and crisper colors than any wallpaper could muster, the wall behind the table actually consists of an array of rustic wall planks made of reclaimed Douglas fir. The repeating pattern that adorns the Vine Plankprints, a garden of marigold and violet-colored vines seemingly in motion, create a soothing yet stimulating effect that whets the appetite and enhances the natural greenery in the space.

Anything-but-Square Walls

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Part Mid-Century, part futuristic, the time-bending tableau in this sitting room adds another dimension of elegance to any room in which it lives. To recreate it, you won't need wall decals, nor stencils and paint, only wood planks. The peel and stick accent wall was made using none other than Weathered Mod Squad Plankprints, which would be equally at home installed in the bedroom of an abstract art aficionado as in the home theater of a sci-fi film buff.

Block Beauty

Shop this look: Hamptons Colorburst

There's no better way to bring the beach home than with a winsome white wall design bearing blocks of cool and calming colors. But if you thought the playful palette seen in this den was painstakingly painted on by hand, think again. Its style secret is wood cladding, achieved through a simple peel-and-stick process using Hamptons Colorburst wood planks. The white pine planks, suffused with Sequoia, Tahoe, Pacifica, and Poppy tones, make walking past the wall feel like taking a seaside stroll along the boardwalk.

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