Reclaimed Weathered Wood U.S. Flag

$200.00 /Flags
$200.00 /Flags

Reclaimed Weathered Wood U.S. Flag

Made from real, naturally weathered wood pine planks, this American Flag is rustic, authentic and patriotic. Each unique flag measures 47.75 inches wide x 24.375 inches tall x 1.25 inches thick. The weathered wood planks give the flag a beautiful rustic feel with the knots and weathered grooves giving the flag it's character.


Reclaimed Pine


47.75" x 24.375"

Made in the USA

All Stikwood products are made in the USA, crafted to retain their natural weathering and beauty while letting you feel comfortable knowing where your product comes from.


Our ThinPlank construction weighs up to 40% less per square foot, reducing your projects carbon footprint. At Stikwood sustainability is designed into our products.

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