Close up of a shiplap wall created using Stikwood Hamptons finish peel and stick reclaimed wood wall and ceiling planks.

Peel And Stick Shiplap 101

You’ve watched all the DIY home makeover shows and pinned all your favorite looks and dream rooms on Pinterest. After much deliberation, DIY inspiration has sparked your inner Joanna, and you're movin’ on to the next level. You’re ready to take on a room makeover. If you're anything like me, you've already told everyone about your big plans, and they're anxiously awaiting the results.

Peel and Stick Shiplap in a Nutshell

Enter shiplap; the ever-so-popular design style using wood planks created with flush edges for a near-perfect seamless fit. While shiplap started with the building of watertight boats, it found its way to barns, sheds, and the exterior of buildings as siding. Wood planks were cut with grooves on the top and bottom, in order to fit together securely with a slight overlap.

Stikwood and the Shiplap Look

The shiplap style itself has created quite a buzz in the interior design world for its ability to make rooms appear more substantial, add texture, and so much more. The popular look can transform any area by providing a focal point as an accent wall or covering all walls for a full room makeover. Stikwood, the game-changing peel and stick wood option, allows you to easily create that sought-after shiplap look you crave. While our naturally weathered reclaimed wood planks are 3/16” thick, our sustainable hardwood planks are 1/8” thick.

A Bit of History

Stikwood was created from the belief that design could not only be resourceful, but beautiful. Backed by over 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry, the vision of helping to bring the look of the outdoors into your home sparked the creation of the world’s first peel and stick wood product. Responsibly sourced throughout the U.S., Stikwood is constructed with a combination of reclaimed and new wood, or sustainable wood. It’s brought new meaning to interior design. You won’t be needing your hammer and nails or buckets of paint for these projects. Now anyone can transform any space within a matter of hours with our gorgeous, easy to use panels. The biggest challenge you’ll face will likely be making your Stikwood selection. Personally, my head was spinning with endless possibilities. Do I start with the Weathered Wood White shiplap look to create the oh-so-cozy home office I’ve always wanted? Or maybe the warm look of the Cobblestone peel and stick wood to open up our confined kitchen space. Honestly, I shouldn’t be allowed to have so many choices!

The Installation Process

Stikwood offers a way for absolutely anyone to bring a new look to a space in need. With minimal tools and no experience needed, the peel and stick wood installation process will have you looking like a pro.

If you're more of a visual learner (like a lot of us), you might find this video helpful:

The Preparation

I know, I know….we’ll get to the fun part soon. But first, let’s prep. With furniture moved to the side, dogs cowering under the bed, and all necessary tools ready to go, my workspace is clear, and I’m ready to prep my wall.


  • Every environment is different, so it's important to acclimate your Stikwood for 48-72 hours. If you live in an area with higher humidity, you’ll want to add an extra two days to the acclimation process to ensure climate adjustment.

The Wall

  • If you’re vertically challenged, as I am, grab a step stool or ladder. Clean the wall thoroughly with a damp wash cloth, removing any dust or debris that might hinder the effectiveness of your peel and stick wood. Any dirt on the wall will stick to your panels’ adhesive and keep it from properly grabbing the wall.
  • Stikwood works on almost all textures except for popcorn ceilings, cement or brick. If you have orange peel or knock-down texture, Stikwood will work just fine! No texture, just primer or paint? That will work, too!

The Measurements

Grab your tape measure and let’s figure out the square footage of your wall.

  • Measure the width and the height of your wall
  • Multiply the two measurements together to get your area in square inches
  • Divide this number by 144 to get your net square footage
  • If you have a door, window, or opening, be sure to measure the area that will NOT be covered with Stikwood with the same formula. If you don’t have any of these openings, skip this step and the next step.
  • Subtract the two measurements to find your final net area to be covered
  • Once you have your net square footage, you’ll want to add an extra 5% to your net area for a safe cushion that will cover any waste you may have during cutting

Now you have your needed square footage to determine how many boxes of Stikwood to order. If you have any trouble, take a look at our quick How to Measure video we’ve created.

Ready to Cut

When you're ready to dive into cutting, you'll want to grab a pencil, as well as a chop saw, handsaw, or jigsaw. For areas around light switches and outlets, you'll be fine with a utility knife. Now just measure, mark, and cut.

It’s Time to Install

Ready for the fun part? Let’s install your Stikwood.

  • Assuming that your ceiling isn’t level, we always recommend finding your starting point somewhere in the middle of your wall, typically in increments of 5”, since the boards are 5” wide. We’d suggest 25’ or 30” down from the top of the wall.
  • Grab a level and draw a level line at your starting point, or snap a chalk line, if you have it.
  • Start to peel and stick your boards on the level line, moving from left to right until you’ve created your ‘hero’ line with the boards.
  • Use a roller to apply pressure to your boards.

Rip What?

When you’ve reached the last portion of wall space, you may need to rip your Stikwood to width with a table saw or utility knife. A rip-cut is cutting your wood parallel to its grain. Measure the width needed to finish the top or bottom of your wall and grab a level or handy straightedge of choice to draw your rip line. Before sticking your ripped pieces, take a minute to dry ft the so you know they fit accurately. Apply pressure with your roller and your masterpiece is complete.

If you’re at all unsure about a step, we’ve got a great How-To video for you from a client’s home. Take a look.

Not Just for Walls

Stikwood’s peel and stick shiplap versatility is impressive. We've had many customers share their creations so we could pass on inspiring ideas to you.

Stikwood Ceilings to Swoon Over

Our peel and stick wood looks great on ceilings too. You’ll need a smooth surface (get sanding on those popcorn ceilings) then follow the normal installation steps. Take a peek at these five stylish ceilings. A shiplap look for your ceiling allows you to add a fresh look to any room. It adds a beautiful touch to tray ceilings, whether you choose a subtle Stikwood style or a bold accent look. Cathedral ceilings are always awe-inspiring and will have your friends and family raving about your work. Maybe you shouldn’t even mention it’s a simple peel and stick wood installation.

Fireplace Character

Does your fireplace need a bit of sprucing up? Whether you choose to do the entire wall surrounding your fireplace or not, the mantel makes a stunning accent in your favorite Stikwood. Choose a style that brings out the tones in your room or make a statement with a peel and stick wood that commands attention. You’ll find a gorgeous mantel design example here from Kathy.

Furniture with Personality

There’s no need to waste money on new furniture when you can change the look of yours in a moment. If you’re looking for a little DIY project for a worn dresser, adding your favorite peel and stick wood to the drawers is a simple way to add something to the room. If you’re inclined to work with an option that offers a bit more guidance, you’re sure to fall in love with our Stikwood Stikits. We’ll send you all the necessary pre-cut Stikwood pieces, so all you need to take care of is the peel and stick. Add a pop of color, texture, and depth in a few easy steps. There’s no need to get rid of old tattered pieces when you can easily bring them back to life with Stikits in your choice of Reclaimed Weathered Wood or Reclaimed Sierra Silver.

IKEA with a Kick

We have a selection of IKEA furniture hacks ready to be purchased and applied. You can change the look and feel of your neutral Lack Coffee Table with ease. Use our Stikits to recreate your IKEA Lack Floating Wall Shelf.

Headboards Made Simple

Our Stickits even create beautiful wooden plank headboards. Within a few minutes, and absolutely no cutting involved, you’ll be able to assemble your peel and stick wood headboard together with ease. Your kit will also come with hardware for you to hang your headboard from your wall. We offer several choices of shiplap styled Stikwood for your Queen size bed, so you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

Barn Doors for Every Area

Our gorgeous Stikits Barn Doors are designed to be lightweight so we can easily deliver them and you’ll be able to assemble your barn doors in a few hours. Your doors will display natural knots and holes - those slight imperfections that reclaimed barn wood has. These interior barn doors are a great way to divide your open floorplan, conceal cluttered spaces, or even block the morning sunlight. Sliding parallel to the wall, they are great for small spaces where a swinging door option might not be convenient. These functional double-sided barn doors are also perfect for someone who may not want something permanent. Choose from our four best-selling styles: Reclaimed Weathered Wood, Reclaimed Weathered Wood White, Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray, or Reclaimed Sierra Silver.

Stikwood On the Road

One of our favorite interior makeovers to share is Kevin’s old camper. That’s right! His goal was to turn an outdated, beat up camper into a functional, modern version of his home. By selecting our Reclaimed Weathered Wood White, he was able to achieve the clean, open atmosphere he was envisioning, while still attaining the rustic outdoor feel with the wood planks. He even used Stikwood to create unique accents, including a headboard look over the top bunk. He’s looking forward to taking this beauty out on the road. We think you’ll love his remodel as much as we do.

Brilliant Kitchen Decor

Why not use your favorite shiplap peel and stick wood as a backsplash to liven up your kitchen? After all, most families tend to spend most their time here, so it makes perfect sense to work your makeover magic here. While you’re in there, think about adding Stikwood to your kitchen island to compliment your new backsplash. No matter which style you choose, you’ll add so much texture and depth to your kitchen while giving it a refreshing touch of the outdoors. If you’re really enjoying your remodel of the kitchen, you may want to consider using Stikwood on your cabinets as well. Take a look at some of these amazing shiplap styled kitchen designs for more inspiration.

Stikwood Tidbits

Not only are you going to love how simple and quick the installation process is, but it’s also designed to stay put until you decide it's time for a remodel. The adhesive we use is rated to last ten years. If and when you decide to remove your semi-permanent Stikwood, you will need to pry off the planks, removing any adhesive that remains on the wall. You may find some minor repairs to the wall are needed.

If you’re ready to part with your peel and stick wood, don’t forget it’s recyclable. Not only that, we’ve made sure our Stikwood boxes, tape peels, and trimmings can be recycled too!

Wondering how to care for your new look? It’s as simple as a vacuum attachment or duster. You won’t have to worry about fussing over your reclaimed wood. Beauty and simplicity! What more could you want?

Hopefully, your mind is full of fabulous design ideas for those spaces that need a little TLC. Ready to start your home makeover? Head over to our shop to begin selecting your new look. While you're at it, pick up a few of our Stikwood samples to help you start envisioning your next space to tackle. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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