5 Crave-Worthy Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Walls

Are your kitchen walls starved for color, texture, or personality? Don’t tear them down; cover them up. Peel and stick wood wall planks present an effortless but elegant option for creating reclaimed wood kitchen walls and are available in an array of patinas to appeal to any aesthetic. To see how other tastemakers, hungry for a change in their kitchens, made over their walls, sink your teeth into these tantalizing kitchen wall ideas.

Weathered Wood Evokes an Intimate Ambiance

Become the owner of a European-style gastropub overnight by installing a sleek bar-height countertop in your kitchen. Complement it with well worn bar stools, mocha colored cabinets, orb pendant lights, and reclaimed wood kitchen walls that are made of richly weathered peel and stick wood.

Installed alongside a cobblestone fireplace, the reclaimed weathered wood planks in this kitchen create a communal feel that’s reminiscent of old mirth-filled taverns.

Soft Grays Add Understated Points of Interest

Featured Style: Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

To break up the monotony of looking at a sea of white walls, take a cue from this bright and airy open floor concept with reclaimed wood kitchen walls. The designers of this room chose to adhere stick-on wood wall art in a slightly darker gray tone than the rest of the walls. In this borderless space, the wood wall art differentiates the dining area from the kitchen without losing the airy quality of the room.

To compliment the colors in the peel and stick wood, the designer added soft gray metals, such as cafe style bar stools, a large round mirror that also reflects light back into the kitchen, and stainless steel appliances.

While peel and stick kitchen walls in darker tones will certainly turn heads in a white kitchen, the weathered wood planks installed here work in favor of the open concept by adding a hint of color and intrigue to the walls without overpowering the space.

Hamptons Creates a Canvas for Stashing Essentials

Featured Style: Hamptons

Have a tight kitchen? Revamp your small space with reclaimed wood kitchen walls in a clean white color. The Hamptons peel and stick kitchen walls in this picture do more than simply cover up minor imperfections in the original walls. They also act as a blank canvas for clean and elegant displays of kitchen items that would have otherwise consumed precious space on countertops or in cabinets.

Reclaimed Barrel Oak Gives Definition to Transitional Kitchens

Featured Style: Reclaimed Barrel Oak

The lack of walls in open floor plans, where kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are all located in a common space, can result in the lack of a distinctive look for each living zone. The designers behind this borderless abode kept the kitchen from losing its identity by mounting reclaimed barrel oak wood planks only to the columns that framed the kitchen and dining area.

This allowed them to repurpose the columns into reclaimed wood kitchen walls that are both visually and physically separate from the all-white living room that lies beyond the kitchen. The scarlet patina of the peel and stick kitchen walls is a particularly appetizing option for the space because red is thought to stimulate hunger.

Above-the-Range Wood Walls Double as Backsplashes

Featured Style: Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

In this hardworking kitchen, the peel and stick wood planks were installed vertically on the walls around the room to create a sense of depth and old school charm. The result is that the reclaimed wood kitchen walls act as both whimsical art and a reclaimed wood backsplash that defends against flying food and cooking fumes that escape the range’s hood.

You might think reclaimed wood is hard to clean, but with our splash safe treatment, reclaimed wood backsplashes are easy to maintain. It ensures that the look is durable and family friendly.

Note: For safety purposes, you should add on our optional fire treatment and look into your city's fire code, to make sure you know the distance the backsplash should be from the stove burners.

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