An Old Camper Remodel

When I was a kid, my mom and dad owned a small travel trailer. It was old-school, with my assigned bed being the one that doubled as storage and pulled down from above the couch when I was ready to sleep. I remember my dad doing a DIY travel trailer remodel when they first bought it. He ripped out the old flooring and put in new linoleum, added some fresh wallpaper, and my mom made some new curtains for it. While my memories of that old school travel trailer of ours make me feel all the feels, it doesn’t even hold a candle to the amazingness of Kevin Turner’s old camper remodel!

Kevin’s goal was to take a camper that was old and outdated and make it modern and fresh. He wanted the camper to be an extension of his own home.

From the beginning of his old camper remodel adventure, he knew that he wanted to paint the camper white. That way it would give the whole space an open and airy feel. However, with it being a camper, he also wanted to make sure it had that natural rustic feel of the outdoors.

That’s when he came across Stikwood! Our Reclaimed Weathered Wood White wood planks are super lightweight, which was important in the old camper remodel. He said, “Stikwood was one of the last things I did on the remodel. The DIY wood plank wall really tied the space together, but it also gave the the feel of a seperate room in a very small space. We just can’t get enough, we even sit in it in our driveway and watch TV.”

The DIY travel trailer remodel really did make it an extension of his own home! I mean, if I had a trailer that looked like that, I would call it my Carmen Cave!

Kevin is super excited to take this beautiful trailer out on the road soon! I asked him what one of his favorite things to do outdoors is. He said, “getting up before sunrise , making a pot of pour over coffee, sitting down and listening to nature as I watch the sunrise.”

That sounds amazing. Have coffee, will travel!!

Cheers! Carmen

Thinking of doing an old camper remodel of your own? Buy a sample of our lightweight Reclaimed Weathered Wood White wood planks! Psst...they’re also peel and stick. Yep, you read that right. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. :)