DIY Weekend Project: Stikwood Fireplaces

Here’s your next weekend DIY project for our weekend warriors! Check out these creative fireplace designs using Stikwood.

Black and White Fireplace

A new feature wall brings life to a once simple living room. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White pairs easily with dark furniture and allows this fireplace to become the center point of the room. Thanks for sharing, Brett!

Brick and Wood Fireplace Meetup

The duo pairs together so well. This tall wall covered in Reclaimed Weathered Wood wall next to the exposed brick fireplace gives the space a more industrial design that seamlessly blends with any seasonal decor.

Modern Living Room

A great example of bringing focus to the room without the need to purchase too much material. By using Reclaimed Sierra Silver, Cynthia was able to make her entertainment and fireplace area the focal point of the room. Thank you for sharing, Cynthia!

Modernize Your Space

Wrapping your built-in fireplace with Reclaimed Weathered Wood is a simple way to draw rustic elements into a blank slate. They made good use of the bump out fireplace by having this space combo as an ‘entertainment area’. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Adam!

Rustic Den

A family room work-in-progress starts with creating that eye-catching accent wall. Reclaimed Sierra Silver helps to bring richness and color when trying to bring depth and texture to a space. Thanks for sharing, Jason!

Scandinavian Decor

An easy yet dramatic way to cover up an old paint color that you’re just not too fond of. The Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray contrasts just slightly to the adjacent white walls, still allowing for an easy slate anytime you’re in the mood to switch up the decor. Thanks for the makeover, Dwell Beautiful!

Wood All-Around

Why not Stikwood the mantel AND the surrounding fireplace? The dark gray and cream tones from the natural reclaimed weathered wood compliment the beige tile and surrounding wall. Thank you for sharing, Kathy!

Have your own fireplace design where you’ve used Stikwood? Send us your photos! Feeling inspired? Order a few samples and let us help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of!