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5 Ways to Use New Color Burst Peel and Stick wood

5 Ways to Use New Color Burst Peel and Stick Wood

We’re always dreaming up new ways to make your home unique with reclaimed wood, so we couldn’t be more excited to announce our new product line, Color Burst. Introducing four shades inspired by the beauty of California to help you put your signature on your walls -- because your home is your canvas.

1. Give Your Kitchen a Facelift
Color Burst peel and stick wood can make a gorgeous backsplash. Much like subway tile, real wood never really goes out of style; and, like subway tile, our colored wood planks can be applied in attractive patterns for added visual interest. Try running them vertically, or in a herringbone pattern.

If your kitchen cabinets have glass doors, consider displaying your china and glassware against a backdrop of Color Burst planks. A colorful contrast with white dishes is an especially artful touch.

2. Cultivate a Beachy Vibe
Take advantage of our two new Color Burst shades that names are inspired water, and use them to bring a little of that breezy coastal spirit into your home. Try alternating weathered wood colored planks in Tahoe and Pacifica with weathered white, or incorporating some Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray, evocative of driftwood, for a relaxing beach cottage style.

3. Nest in the Nursery
Finally, kids rooms can look playful and cozy. Using Color Burst peel and stick wood on the walls can keep the decorating style consistent with rest of room while adding a touch of fun. For a little extra playfulness, try installing the painted wood planks diagonally, or in a chevron pattern.

The classic appeal of reclaimed wood means you won’t have to update the room as your children get older; in fact, when they’ve left for college, the same colored wood walls will translate easily into a funky home office.

The best part is, our eco-friendly reclaimed peel and stick wood products are completely free of VOC's! Meaning, you won’t have to worry about whether the products are treated with harsh chemicals that can potentially reduce indoor air quality

4. Save on Couples Therapy
If HGTV has taught us anything, it’s that couples rarely see eye to eye when it comes to decorating. One will fantasize about a French country farmhouse while the other dreams of a sleek, sophisticated loft. A designer is brought in to blend their preferences and save the marriage.

Color Burst peel and stick wood offers a compromise, combining authentic, original patina materials with a modern splash of color. Since you can easily install with a few helping hands, you can skip the designer and labor crew, while investing in more romantic evenings in front of that gorgeous new wood wall. Problems solved!

5. Set Your Sights on the Ceiling

One of the most forgot about spaces in a home, the ceiling! Those who remember to style it are rewarded with a more polished, fully-dressed room. Our new Color Burst planks are the perfect solution -- use them to add interest in a room with all-white walls, or fill in a sophisticated dining room tray ceiling.

Painter Paul Gauguin says color is the language of dreams, so wouldn’t it be dreamy to add a little color to your bedroom ceiling? It’s the room where you’re most likely to spend time gazing at the ceiling, so treat yourself to a beautiful view. The only downside is that you may find yourself wanting to stay in bed all day.

Are you bursting with ideas yet? Just wait until you see the colors!



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