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Applying wood trim as a flush cap

By: Steve Worth
Posted In: Design Log

Our 90 degree, wood, outside corner trim pieces come in 4 foot (48˝) lengths. Like our planks, installation is as simple as peel and stick. We sell trim for all of our Stikwood finishes. We believe they look best when installed flush with our planks. Check out this quick tutorial on installing the corner trim. You can also install the trim after the Stikwood is installed by placing it on top of the planks.

Step 1

Peel adhesive backing from the trim piece.

Step 2

Adhere wood trim to the outside corner. Roll with a J-Roller to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 3

Apply the planks flush to the edge of the corner piece, making sure to tuck the plank closely to the trim and any pieces surrounding the plank. Roll with a J-Roller to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 4

Viola! Once you arrive at the edge during each row you're installing, continue to install the planks alongside the trim, ensuring to tuck the plank into the trim first.


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