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How Stikwood is Made: The Original Peel and Stick Wood Paneling

If you’re looking for a dose of home makeover inspiration, Stikwood is for you! Within a day, you can transform any space in your home with Stikwood’s simple reclaimed peel and stick wood paneling. While installing Stikwood is as easy as peeling the backing and sticking it to a wall or other surface, remember that each piece of our wood paneling has a story to tell, and that story adds to your space as much as the wood itself.

How is Stikwood made? The short answer is: lovingly, over time, by mother nature.

Sure, we mill the wood, make the back sticky and ship it to you... but the real work was done by mother nature herself. Our job is to make sure it comes to you the way she intended.

If you haven't already seen Stikwood, make sure to order a sample (I recommend the Reclaimed Weathered Wood). When you hold a piece, you can sense time. It feels good in your hand, like you've known it forever. Years of wind, snow, sun, rain and life are etched into each piece. Nail holes grace some boards and cracks and knots give it a relaxed character. 

When the wood paneling is placed together on a wall or ceiling, the combined effect is one of authentic beauty—of natural art. In the case of our Naturally Weathered Wood, if you close your eyes and listen, you might hear the bison scratching themselves against the fence posts in the woods' former life. 

There are other products out there that replicate the weathering through painting, printing or some mechanical process but they just can't do what mother nature can—and you can definitely see and feel the difference.

The journey to our factory.

Stikwood Factory

Stikwood's peel and stick wood paneling is made from both responsibly sourced reclaimed wood and sustainably harvested wood found throughout the United States. We scour the country for wood with character and soul, and ship it to our factory in Sacramento, California. Whether it started its life as a barn in Colorado, horse fencing in Michigan or wine barrels in Sonoma, we honor the wood by giving it new life. This allows us to do our part in protecting the natural environment while offering you a product you can feel good about owning. 

Crafting the Perfect Plank

Before being milled, each reclaimed wood plank is kiln dried to remove any excess moisture. This important step ensures that when installed it remains stable, and also helps keep pests and moisture-seeking critters at bay.

The planks are then hand sorted by hand for quality and cut to either 1/8 in. or 3/16 in. thick, usually 5 in. wide boards. When designing Stikwood we learned that a thin plank was best—for everyone! Thinner planks are slightly flexible, so they can hug the surface they are stuck to, and stay stuck. The thin design means significantly less waste during milling so we can produce more product and keep our ecological footprint smaller. Our reclaimed wood planks are crafted using up to 40% less weight per square foot meaning it takes less energy to ship the finished product to you!

There are other advantages as well. Our thin plank design means that installation at electrical outlets and existing baseboards are easy, and many people have discovered that they can be installed on walls that curve as well. Thinner is better!

Sticking to it

Getting wood to stick to a wall is not a simple task. We use the highest quality adhesive (trust us, a lot of salesmen try and sell us cheaper versions, but we know what works, and compromise is not in our DNA) and make sure that when you are ready to install Stikwood all you have to do is peel the backing, stick it to the wall and roll the planks. Rest assured that we have explored all the ways to make this happen and how we build our planks means your wall or ceiling will be beautiful, and long lasting.

Reclaimed, Reused, Responsible

Our process is virtually waste-free. We are proud of this and are constantly looking for ways to further reduce our impact on the world. We use the smaller extra pieces that are created during the cutting process to make our wall art and samples, and all of our sawdust is collected, compressed into briquettes and used to generate clean power for our nearby communities. Sustainability isn't just about ecology, we see it as a commitment to our community, our people, and our collective future.

Ready to find the perfect Stikwood style for your space? Head over to our shop and start dreaming! Don’t forget to send us a peek of your work when you’re done!




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