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Installing Plankprints

Stikwood Plankprints are unique patterns printed directly on our reclaimed wood peel and stick planks. Because they are a repeating pattern, care must be taken to make sure the patttern matches accross the wall. All Plankprint planks will be the same length. Each row is meant to be shifted over 1/2 a plank from the row above and below. Here is a very quick tutorial.

Step 1—Get Organized

Your Plankprints order comes in two parts (A and B). Start by making stacks of your A and B planks. Lay out your A & B planks on the ground to help determine the pattern.

Step 2—Draw a Reference Line

Draw your reference line with a level. Details on finding your reference line can be found in Starting Your Project.

Step 3—Install Your Pattern

Peel adhesive and stick the plank on the wall. Some plankprint patterns can be tricky, so make sure your patterns line up. Finish installing the Plankprints pattern, using a J roller along the way to ensure proper adhesion.



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