100% Real Wood

The Highest Quality 100% Real Reclaimed Wood

Our products are 100% real wood, authentic and each piece of reclaimed wood has been ethically sourced from across the country. Our reclaimed wood has its own unique nail holes, color variations, surface texture, and knotholes created by exposure to the elements and time. Many of the competitors use machines to create the reclaimed look, or even are just a veneer or a digital print of wood on an engineered substrate. Nothing feels and looks like stikwood.

Peel+Stik Makes Installation Fun and Easy

As the inventor of peel and stick planks, we have had the pleasure of seeing thousands of people discover the joys of Stikwood. Some are surprised but delighted, others are skeptical (Peel+Stik wood?!) and become huge fans when they try it for themselves.

For years people have used tongue and groove flooring material or other milled specialty products to create wood walls or ceilings. This requires nailing and a lot of finish work. Ceilings were out of the question for anyone but the most talented carpenters. What people don't realize is that the engineered backer on wood floor planks is there to give the wood strength and durabilty because people will be walking on it, and you are never certain that the subfloor will be smooth. This is a necessary design for wood floors—But stikwood is a better design for walls and ceilings.

Stikwood takes on the strength of what you stick it to! You don't need the engineered platform if your wall is strong and relatively smooth. This allows us to deliver a beautiful, easy to work with real wood product that is peel and stick. It's lighter, easy to lift and cut, requires fewer tools and makes less of a mess.

Safe for Your Family, Good for the World

Leading the Industry in Responsibility and Stewardship

We are seeing more and more challenges facing our planet’s future. Stikwood believes that the solution to part of these challenges is smart, ethical manufacturing. We’ve taken the extra steps and refused to cut corners when it comes to ensuring we’re doing everything we can to protect our planet, which means ensuring our products are FSC® and SCS® Certified.

Stikwood is Safe for Your Family

At Stikwood, we know our future as a company relies on the sustainability and protection of our forests. We’re proud to have obtained these certifications, but we didn’t stop there. While our reclaimed wood is full of history, none of our products have or ever will contain volatile organic compounds. Also known as VOCs, these are compounds that can easily be turned into vapors or gases. VOCs are released from burning products such as gasoline, wood, coal, or natural gas, and are dangerous not only to the people around them, but also to the planet. We wouldn’t want products like that decorating our home, and we know our customers feel the same way.

Dedicated to Waste-Free Production

We are also dedicated to operating as close to a waste-free facility as possible. We’ve refined our manufacturing processes to leave virtually no waste during the production of our reclaimed wood and shiplap planks. We use the trim, the core, and face of every piece of wood that we receive. Even our sawdust is used to generate power for our local communities!