9 Luxurious Living Room Designs

Whether you’re watching TV, gathering for game night or just sitting down for some quality time together, your living room can be the gathering place in your home. See how these living rooms were transformed into family focal points using Stikwood!

Light Living Room Designs

This living room design incorporates elements of nature into a relaxing sitting place for family and guests alike. The subtle yellow accents pillows, blanket and flowers add warmth to this otherwise cool space. Thanks for sharing, Noelle Roberts!

Nature Inspired Living Room

The soft lighting and plush pillows in this living room design work to create a cozy space perfect for some family relaxation. A Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray accent wall and bird painting give a nod to nature while adding depth to the room.

Modern Farmhouse Living

An eclectic mixture of textures and patterns combine in this mid-century modern design. Its southwest-inspired colors and a Reclaimed Weathered Wood wall enhance this space, giving it its rustic charm. Great work, 1 Chic Retreat!

Beachy Vibes

Feel like you’re on the coast all year in this beachy living room with its blue-gray color scheme and coastal patterns. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White on the walls and dark wooden trusses reinforce this theme by adding in elements of the outdoors. Awesome job, Tiger Lily’s Greenwich!

Modern Living Room Makeover

Ring lamps, unique furniture and pops of vibrant orange help this living room design achieve its modern feel. The various wooden elements including furniture, floors and a Reclaimed Weathered Wood statement wall incorporate nature into this space. Great job, Janice!

Scandinavian Spaces

This modern, monochromatic living room keeps things simple and sophisticated. A Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray feature wall and Chrysanthemum flowers add dimension and color to this the otherwise sleek design. Thanks for designing, Stol Design Group!

Artsy Aesthetics

There’s no shortage of creativity in this living room design. One-of-a-kind artwork and an acoustic guitar placed on a Reclaimed Weathered Wood White backdrop combine to create this room’s playful vintage design. Great collaboration, Anne Marie Barton!

Modern Heights

This living room design embraces its high ceilings with tall curtains and a variety of shelving surrounding its floor-to-ceiling fireplace. An eclectic mixture of vases and bottles line two Reclaimed Sierra Silver accent walls for a modern twist living room. Thanks for sharing your design, Brother vs. Brother!

Comforting Color Schemes

Full of sunshine and nature, the use of pale yellows and blues in this living room space remind us of the sunshine and clear skies. Paired with a Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray fireplace and plenty of plants, this design is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing, Mark Beatty!

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