Designer Spotlight: Interiors By Jay C

In our ongoing Designer Spotlight Series, we talk with interior designers and architects to see what inspires them, and get insights to how they approach creating beautiful spaces. In this Spotlight we talk with Jaime of Interiors by JayC and find out a little bit more about her business and experience as a designer.

Stikwood: How long have you been in business as an interior designer?

Jaime: Ironically, I just recently opened my business this September!

Stikwood: Tell us a bit about your business and experience.

Jaime: This is my very first job and first commercial job so it is huge for me in every way imaginable! To make sure everything is perfect is key to getting my name out there!

Stikwood: We love how you incorporate personality into the rooms you design. Tell us how Stikwood helps you achieve that.

Jaime: I believe Stikwood has so many different types of woods that you can tie it into any room if you’re creative enough. Many people believe wood walls are more dark style or rustic and honestly, you can tie it in to any style. It breaks boundaries and rules, and I’m a rule breaker!

Stikwood: What would you say is your “signature style”?

Jaime: Hmmm, no signature style. I love to really know my clients well before designing anything for them so that the uniqueness in my design shows off the client's personality. I love to be different and unexpected! Make a statement!

Stikwood: What was your favorite project using Stikwood products? What made it so special?

Jaime: This is my only job professionally so far using Stikwood and it is a major hit! I’ve also done my living room in my home about 3 years ago and that’s when I fell in love with the ease of Stikwood!

Stikwood: What is your best piece of advice to offer someone who wants to redecorate a room on their own?

Jaime: Your Level is God! Measure twice, cut once. Also, don’t forget to take chances!

Stikwood: Where can people go to find out more about your services?

Jaime: You can find my new business page on IG @interiors_by_JayC

"I love to be different and unexpected! Make a statement!"

—Jaime of Interiors by JayC


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