Designer Spotlight: Vertical Interior Design

In our ongoing Designer Spotlight Series, we talk with interior designers and architects to see what inspires them, and get insights to how they approach creating beautiful spaces. In this Spotlight we talk with Vertical Interior Design and learn more about their business and experience.

How long has Vertical been creating beautiful residential and commercial spaces?

Vertical: Our main company has been doing basic interior & furniture design for over 27 years. Our division, Vertical Interior Design, which is a full-service interior design firm was created 6 years ago.

Stikwood: Give us a bit of your company's history and where you are headed in the future:

Vertical: Vertical Interior Design was born from a commercial furniture design and space planning team. We saw that there was a need in the corporate market for a full-service interior design firm, so we created one. Our team has grown, and our diverse interior designers have decades of experience in all different markets. This year, we will be launching a high-end luxury residential division!

Stikwood: When we look at how you have used Stikwood, it is exactly what we designed it for—to drive the eye, create texture and tension but without overpowering the space. We love how balanced your designs are! How do you see Stikwood's roll in what you create?

Vertical: Stikwood provides texture and interest to a room that can’t always be achieved with other products. We love how it is so versatile, sustainable, and there are so many different finishes and ways you can use it. Of course you can specify Stikwood on the wall, but we also like to change up the patterns or mix it with other materials to achieve something truly custom to the client. We have even incorporated it into tables, reception desks, and ceilings.

Stikwood: What would you say is your “signature style”?

Vertical: We don’t think we have a specific style as our goal is to design to our client’s style. It is their space, not ours and we want to bring their branding, personality, and culture to the forefront. However, we always try to incorporate some natural tones into the environment—no matter the style of the space. It is important to bring nature into our interiors, as the tones are calming and much needed in the high stress world we live in.

Stikwood: What was your favorite project using Stikwood products? What made it so special?

Vertical: It is hard to pick a favorite, but we think it is probably one of the most simple projects. We used a couple different types of Stikwood on the center support of a waterfall table in a chevron pattern. It took a very basic waterfall table and turned it into something unique.

Stikwood: What is your best piece of advice to offer someone who wants to redecorate a room on their own?

Vertical: Don’t do it in pieces. Design the room in its entirety to ensure that everything visually works together before you purchase. This way you can phase the decorating if you need to, but know that your completed design will look cohesive and polished.


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