Designer Spotlight: Wendy Yates of Abigail-Elise Design Studio

In our ongoing Designer Spotlight Series, we talk with interior designers and architects to see what inspires them, and get insights to how they approach creating beautiful spaces. In this Spotlight we talk with Wendy Yates of Abigail-Elise Design Studio and see how they approach interior design.

Stikwood: How long have you been in business as an interior designer?

Wendy: My design work started 20 years ago while living and working in Kona, HA, however I started my first interior design business, Abigail-Elise Interiors, Inc., when moving to Summit County in 2008. I have since rebranded to include more services and a broader scope of work as Abigail-Elise Design Studio and am working on building W. Yates Enterprises to incorporate more real estate development and larger scale community projects.

Stikwood: Tell us a bit about your business and experience:

Wendy: As a small business that started within a recession we have experienced several highs and lows, yet we’ve always embraced the ability to adapt and flourish in light of the struggles. Our resiliency and adaptability has more recently been acknowledged by making the 5000 Inc. List, which highlights the fastest growing private companies in America. This has been a huge honor and showcases our dedication to growth. In addition to this achievement we have been featured in several magazine articles and podcasts as leaders, influencers and visionaries in the world of design.

I am an entrepreneur dedicated to inspiring, supporting and motivating others to live their best lives while also finding ways in which they can be a productive, positive part of society. The evolution of my businesses now include Well Fit Human Retreats, which is a passion project that focuses on lifestyle design, wellness and humanitarian work. Together Abigail-Elise Design Studio and Well Fit Human Retreats are dedicated to positively influencing the wellbeing of others via environmental and social projects by bridging the gap between luxury development and humanitarian efforts.

Stikwood: We love the way you manage to make spaces look both sustainable and luxurious. Can you tell us how Stikwood helps you do so?

Wendy: We love utilizing Stikwood products to add an element of natural beauty in an innovative and fashionable way, while keeping our projects sustainable. The versatility and easy application of your Peel & Stik wood planking gives us more options to incorporate a rustic, refined or natural look to custom spaces. The reclaimed and sustainable wood planking falls in line with our newest direction, “The New Luxury is Sustainability” and we look forward to using it more in our up and coming projects.

Stikwood: What would you say is your “signature style”?

Wendy: I wouldn’t say we have “signature style” per say. Instead we try to incorporate a variety of styles that have a timeless appeal and represent our clients’ aesthetic tastes. Our designs are forward-thinking and with the perfect combination of fashion and functionality we blend aspects from modern, traditional, contemporary and transitional.

Stikwood: What was your favorite project using Stikwood products? What made it so special?

Wendy: One of our favorite applications was the vaulted ceiling of a seating nook that we installed in a 1800’s historic English Tudor home located in Denver. Stikwood products made the aesthetic possible given the irregular shape and form of the design.

Stikwood: What is your best piece of advice to offer someone who wants to redecorate a room on their own?

Wendy: Do your research on products and set a realistic budget for yourself. These are aspects that many people forget to take into account when redecorating a room on their own and it’s precisely why hiring a skilled designer can save you time and money in the long run.

Stikwood: Where can people go to find out more about your services?


Instagram: @abigailelisedesignstudio

Facebook: @abigailelisedesignstudio

Pinterest: @aeinteriors

Youtube: Abigail-Elise Design Studio


"We love utilizing Stikwood products to add an element of natural beauty in an innovative and fashionable way, while keeping our projects sustainable."

-Wendy Yates of Abigail-Elise Design Studio


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