Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Planks

Using Stikwood in your projects is about usingreclaimed wood planksthat have a rich authentic American history and an inherent focus on sustainability. From its formation, to production, to delivery, and even installation, we have thought about how the product impacts our communities and the people who use it. Our entire company is driven by the philosophy that if something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.

FSC® Certification

Stikwood is FSC® Certified, which means that our wood comes into the factory through sustainable and eco-friendly means. All of our products are crafted from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. An FSC® certification protects more than just the trees. It also ensures that the surrounding community is respected and the people who build the products are fairly paid.

Certifications are just the beginning of our quality control. Before any wood comes into the factory, it’s kiln dried, ensuring that you receive high quality products. When buying Stikwood, there’s no need to worry about termites or any other pests traveling into your home via our materials.

Innovative Thin Design

Thin Plank Construction greatly reduces the amount of waste that is typical with the construction industry. Jerry McCall, our co-founder, defines waste as, “anything between the face of the wood and the wall.”

With Jerry’s definition in mind, it makes sense to ensure that all of our reclaimed wood paneling is thin and lightweight. The beauty of Stikwood is that it takes on the strength of the surface that it's attached to. So, even though it's thin, it's strong and durable.

Saw Dust Collection

Our dedication to the do-it-right philosophy is applied to even the smallest particles in the factory. Sawdust is collected into cubes and delivered to a facility up the road to help provide clean energy for the community. The wood-to-energy sawdust collection system is multi-functional. When the sawdust is collected from the factory before it permeates the air, it creates a breathable workspace for the team who provides a hands-on touch while making our products.

Handmade Art Pieces

Our tradesmen and women aren’t just producing Stikwood, they are innovating it. The reclaimed wood wall art is the brain product of a factory worker who picked up some edging material and said, “I have an idea for how we can use this.”

Every art panel is created with reclaimed wood that’s been cut and placed by hand, ensuring that each panel is unique and made to perfection.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Factory to Front Door Delivery

After your order has been made in one of our two United States locations, it’s packaged tightly into a fitted box. The snug fit ensures that the products are delivered to you in the same condition as when they left our factory. The minimalist packaging also helps maintain a light shipping weight. Our largest box can hold 40 square feet of product and it only weighs 18 pounds.

This efficient packaging method provides you with free year-round shipping, and it greatly reduces the amount of fuel used to deliver the product to your front door. Additionally, we partner with shipping companies who provide eco-friendly fuel when applicable.

Every part of our packaging, including the tape liner, can be thrown into a green bin for recycling once the reclaimed wood paneling has been installed.

Single Day Installation

It’s important to us to make reclaimed wood wall panels that are simple to use and can be installed quickly, while still adding the rich depth of character that comes from time and nature. With a few simple tools, you can transform your space into something unique, because each piece of our reclaimed wood has its own color striation, grain pattern, and history.

Be sure to check out all of our product options. We have over 50 of them! If you’re unsure of which one is the right one for you, grab one of our sample packs today.