How Alma Arrieta Used Stikwood Planks For A DIY Barn Door

Alma Arrieta, a home decor blogger and mother, has been drawn to neutral and organic spaces that have a modern and casual feel. She used Stikwood's minimalist fir wood planks to create a DIY barn door.

She tries to keep everything somewhat classic, but likes to include a bit of global style, too. She says, “no matter how far I stray from this, I find my way back to [it].”

When Alma decided to incorporate a DIY barn door into her home, she knew that she wanted to build something that would maintain her simple, organic and casual design style. After ordering some samples, she decided on using Minimalist Fir to transform her door into a piece of art. She liked that the finish was clean and modern. She said, “It has this Scandinavian minimalist feel.”

When we asked her about her design process, she said, “How we came to choose this finish was by [ordering] about 5 different finishes that I thought might work, seeing them in person and holding it against other wood finishes around the room and specifically our floors. I wanted a finish that wasn't matchy with the floors but still worked well together.”

The office/lounge space that Alma wanted to differentiate with the DIY barn door that she and her husband built is multi-functional. It’s an office space for her and her husband, a lounge space for the whole family, and a homeschool room throughout the school year. She loves that she can, “close the doors for privacy or [when we] need to cut some of the noise when the kids are in the office playing video games. They can get pretty loud.”

“These doors, for sure, have added to the overall look and feel of the home,” Alma told us. When people walk into her home, they look at the barn doors and, “can't wrap their head around the fact that the wood pieces were as thin as they were.”

She loved that the thin nature of Stikwood allowed her to create doors that weren’t super bulky, but she says that the most rewarding part of the whole project is that, “we built it together and can look back at our work and smile.. and say "we did that!" That never gets old!” See the full room reveal on

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