Our One-of-a-Kind Reclaimed Wood Shelves Add Rustic Elegance to Any Space

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen how popular reclaimed wood has become in homes across the country. From full accent walls to tables, shelving, and headboards, adding a pop of rustic elegance to your home has never been more fashionable.

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Shelves as Individual as You

Each shelf is crafted from a piece of reclaimed Douglas Fir, and the unique grain patterns, nail holes, saw marks, cuts, and gouges paint a beautiful picture of the wood’s previous life in buildings throughout the United States. Each shelf is two inches thick, and customers can pick from three different lengths to meet their specific project needs. The shelves are unfinished, letting their natural beauty stand out.

With Real Wood, the DIY Possibilities Are Endless

If you’re looking to add shelving to a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, our sustainable reclaimed wood shelves are beautiful and incredibly easy to install. Recently, blogger Kristi Murphy showcased the universal beauty of these shelves. Kristi’s blog takes readers through her experience adding the shelves to three different spaces: in an entertainment room as a bar, in a teen’s bedroom as a shelf above a study area, and as an accent piece and onesie holder in a nursery. One of the fun things about Kristi’s post is that it not only highlights the versatility of the shelving in different rooms, but she also gives excellent examples of how to style them for each space. Visit Kristi's blog and get inspired!

Hundreds of happy customers have shared the results of their Stikwood reclaimed wood shelf and peel and stik wood wall plank projects with us—check out many of the ways that our shelving and reclaimed wood planks can be used, visit our inspiration gallery!

Shelf Mounting Hardware Included

Each shelf comes with its own pipe brackets. These solid industrial style brackets compliment the shelves and add a classic detail to your room; two for the four-foot shelf, three for the six-foot shelf, and four for the eight-foot shelf. While we believe the natural, rustic look of our shelves pair perfectly with these metal brackets, customers can also choose to dress their shelving up or down with whatever hardware they like! But remember, these aren’t the kind of flimsy shelves like you find at a big box store. They’re heavy-duty, and the structural integrity of the hardware should be considered when choosing an alternative. Make sure the brackets you choose can handle the full weight of each shelf, plus any accessories you’re planning to add.

Stikwood Shelving is Made from 100% Real, Sustainable and Reclaimed Wood Planks Sourced from Across the Country.

Each piece is kiln-dried to ensure durability for years to come. The nail holes, weathered grooves, natural splitting, and knot holes aren’t manufactured — they’re the product of exposure to decades of time and nature. Don’t be surprised if your Stikwood Reclaimed Wood Shelves steal the show in your redesigned room — People will notice them.

The Finished Product

Whether you’re just getting to know us or you’ve been a loyal customer for years, we’re committed to making your experience with Stikwood as easy as possible. Our website features information that will help you answer all the questions you may have about the ease of making our reclaimed wood accents work in your home, including videos about how to measure for the correct amount of product, how to prep your space, how to cut the reclaimed wooden planks, and how to install them. Check out our galleries, find answers to common questions about the installation of each piece, and then take the next step to bring design excellence into your home. We look forward to making you part of the Stikwood family!