Transforming A Media Room With Real Wood Wall Planks

Stikwood recently collaborated with Macy of Wandering My Home so she could use our peel and stick wood wall planks to transform her basement media room. She wanted something that would provide warm tones and rich textures to cozy up the space. After browsing our entire collection, Macy chose to use Vertical Grain Arabica Stikwood, which gives a warm, coffee-colored finish that is just light enough to reveal a hint of the wood grain without the color variation that you’d get from fully weathered wood wall planks.

Before installing, it’s important to open the planks from their packaging and lay them out in the room they will be installed in for 1-2 days so that they can acclimate to the space before adhering them to the wall. When you acclimate the wood planks, you’re allowing the wood to balance itself out before you put it on the wall. This ensures that the wood will not drastically expand or contract after it’s been installed.

Macy opted for doing a basic, horizontal install of the Stikwood planks, which means having to do minimal cutting except for the wall edges and around outlet switches. She started at the baseboard and worked her way up, making sure each plank was level as she adhered them to the wall.

By using Stikwood’s peel & stick reclaimed wood wall planks, Macy was able to completely transform her media room in a single day. We love how the room came together and how she polished it off perfectly with beautiful furniture and accent pieces.

For more information on Macy’s home, visit her website: Wandering My Home.