Using Stikwood to Update Your Bathroom Walls

Bathrooms are one of the most renovated rooms in our homes, but not everyone has the time, talent, or budget to overhaul their entire bathroom down to the studs. With peel and stick wood, there are tons of inventive ways to change the look and feel of your entire space without spending or losing an arm and a leg!

Art for Your Bathroom Walls

Adding a piece of art to your bathroom walls can create a focal point that ties into accessories or other accents. No, TP should not be a focal point! Each panel is handmade using reclaimed wood from 20th century America and is FSC® Certified, so you know you’re getting the real deal. We also offer three sizes and style options to choose from. If you’re working in a small space stick with one style, but if you’ve got the room, mix & match to create your own vibe.

Stikwood Shelving for Bathroom Walls

Let’s be real --- bathrooms always need more storage. Our reclaimed wood shelving utilizes vintage wood sourced from across the country to provide beauty and functionality because yes, you can have both! If your existing storage space needs a revamp, we’ve got you covered too! We’ve designed pieces to integrate with some of the most loved Ikea shelving units, providing design hacks for thecube shelfandfloating shelves. So, if starting something new or working with what you’ve got, Stikwood has something for you.

Stikwood Barn Doors

With shiplap still all the rage, we have channeled farmhouse chic by transforming our traditional peel and stick material for wood walls into DIY barn doors. Stikit barn doors are lightweight and straightforward, offering an excellent option for anyone who loves the concept of wood walls but isn’t ready for the full commitment that comes with it. Each door comes complete with the image of natural grooves, knots, and nail holes that users have come to know and love in four of the best-selling styles:

  • Reclaimed Weathered Wood Barn Doors
  • Reclaimed Weathered Wood White Barn Doors
  • Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray Barn Doors
  • Reclaimed Sierra Silver Barn Doors

Stikwood Peel & Stick Wood Walls

For those who are ready to dive in with a unique focal point for their bathroom walls, Stikwood offers over 30 reclaimed wood designs to perfectly match any décor or paint color imaginable. Rustic options such as the Victoria or Reclaimed Weathered Wood can be paired with neutral colors to inspire calm and relaxation, while lighter colored woods such as Minimalist Fir and Hamptons can be used to provide a natural element that matches well with brighter paint choices. We didn’t just stop with colors, we also offer product add-ons including various lengths, fire treatment, and a splash-safe coating to make whatever project you’ve got in mind come to life, hassle free! Want more? The peel and stick reclaimed wood panels can also be used to accent ceilings. Because we’re only looking up from here!

Still looking for a bit of inspiration before making the leap? Be sure to check out our website by clicking here. Our website offers DIY tips, blogs, and tutorials on how to make the most of your home improvement projects!