What are Plank Walls? A Comprehensive Guide

Plank walls are a modern and stylish design feature that can transform living spaces from drab to one-of-a-kind. In this post, we’ll do a deep dive into the uniqueness of wall planks, the maintenance required to keep them looking fresh, and leave you with a few ideas for bringing this design to life.

Embracing the Charm of Wall Planks in Home Decor

Wall planks are a great way to add charm and character to a home. They effortlessly turn any room into a rustic retreat or modern haven. Plus, wall planks are a great alternative to tiles or backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms.

One of the major perks to installing wall planks is their versatility. You can create all sorts of unique designs with them: horizontal, vertical, chevron, herringbone, staggered, or basketweave. The possibilities are virtually endless!

The Uniqueness of Shiplap-cut Edges

One ultra-popular type of modern wall plank is shiplap. Shiplap-cut edges make installation a breeze and add coastal, classy vibes to any room. These edges create a seamless transition between each plank, adding a layer of depth and dimension. 

So whether you prefer a chic farmhouse-style or a rustic cabin vibe, this unique design feature is sure to make a statement. 

The Durability and Maintenance of Wall Planks

Wall planks are a low-maintenance option for any homeowner looking to enhance their living space or office. Because planks come in an almost endless variety of materials, you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

Engineered Hardwood Planks:
Engineered hardwood planks consist of solid, natural wood on top and bottom, with a pressed plywood material at its core. This reduces overall cost and gives homeowners the aesthetics they want.

The manufacturing process of engineered hardwood involves bonding together several wood layers under high pressure to create an incredibly durable material.

Did you know? Engineered hardwood planks are often treated with protective finishes that resist scratches and stains while preserving the natural beauty of the wood underneath. This makes them a great choice for families with children or pets who might accidentally cause minor damage.

Solid Wood Planks:
Solid wood planks are made from, as you can imagine, solid wood. This means you’re getting a 100% natural wood material and all the benefits that come with it. Solid wood is durable, heavy, and unmatched in its beauty.

Wall planks made from solid wood and engineered wood require similar maintenance. Cleaning your wooden panels can be accomplished by regularly wiping them down with a damp cloth and allowing time to dry. For stubborn spots or accidental spills, try gently scrubbing your walls and floors with a microfiber rag and mild dish soap.

Remember! Never use harsh chemicals on wall planks, no matter the material. This will likely damage the integrity of your wood and can be costly to repair.

A few tips to remember when maintaining your solid wood or engineered wood planks:

Regularly dust your wall planks with a clean rag to prevent build up.

Clean up spills immediately using a clean rag or towel. If stains don’t go away, mix warm water with a mild detergent and gently scrub the area. Be sure to allow adequate time to dry!

If necessary, apply a specialized cleaning solution made specifically for your type of wood. This should be a last resort for stains that can’t be removed by normal methods.

What if you notice a scratch? Don’t worry too much – small blemishes can often be patched up quickly using scratch concealers or wood touch-up markers available online. 

With minimal effort and a little research, you can keep your wall planks looking their best for decades. Trust us, it’s worth the investment!

Key Takeaway: Wall planks are a durable and low-maintenance option for transforming your living space. Planks made from solid or engineered hardwood are built to last and can withstand a variety of conditions. They’re also easy to maintain and resistant to scratches.

Installation Process for Wall Planks

Whether you plan on hiring a contractor or prefer the DIY installation method, utilizing wall planks is usually simple and can be done by most homeowners. Just how easy installation is, though, depends largely on the materials used and project size. 

Pre-installation steps are pretty simple. First, choose where you want to install your wall planks. Looking to add a unique look to your living room? Great! Measure and mark out where each plank will go. This ensures a perfect layout and removes the risk of unintended gaps. 

Remember: If you’re installing wall planks in areas where moisture is likely – like in a kitchen or bathroom – make sure to use water-resistant materials. It’ll save a lot of future headaches!

Tips on Using Trim Planks

Trim planks can be used to cover edges, as molding, and in areas requiring a more intricate solution. Here’s how to use them:

Carefully measure the placement area for your trim plank. This is especially important when working with tight or intricate designs.

Cut your trim planks down to size. Make sure they align properly with existing planks so you don’t end up with gaps.

Secure your planks by using adhesive or finishing nails. Adhesive provides a strong hold over time, but can leave residue when removed. Finishing nails, on the other hand, offer an immediately noticeable hold – but leave small holes that need filling.

Did you know? Some modern wall planks come with pre-applied adhesive, making installation even easier!

Whatever installation route you decide, patience is key. Take your time to align everything properly before securing it in place. With the right approach and materials, you’ll be left with a stunning living space that’s uniquely yours.

Key Takeaway: Installing wall planks isn’t too difficult, depending on materials used and the project size. Carefully measuring, trimming, and securing your planks ensures you’ll be left with a space you’re proud to call home.

Creative Ways to Use Wall Planks in Your Home

Wall planks don’t have to be installed in one orientation, and they aren’t just for your living room or dining area, either. Read on for a couple of ideas to creatively use them in your next project.

Whether it's a rustic accent wall in your bedroom or a cozy ceiling in the nursery, wooden panels bring a personal charm that instantly makes any room feel like home.

If you're more into modern vibes, don't worry. There are sleek and stylish wall planks available that are perfect for contemporary homes. They'll give your space a fresh and trendy look without sacrificing that comforting touch of natural wood.

Key Takeaway: Wall planks are incredibly versatile and can be used in any room of the home. They’re fitting for rustic cabins, modern chic homes, contemporary offices and more.

What Are Plank Walls - FAQs

What are wall planks?

Wall planks are a type of interior design feature made from a variety of wood products that add texture and customization to a living space or office.

What are wall planks good for?

Wall planks enhance the visual appeal of rooms and, depending on the type of material, can withstand numerous room conditions – including those found in bathrooms and kitchens.

What are wall planks made of?

Wall planks are typically made of solid wood or engineered hardwood and some options feature shiplap-cut edges for added charm. Other materials include vinyl and MDF. 

Can wall planks be installed on any wall?

Yes, wall planks can be installed on any wall, ceiling, or used as flooring.

Is wall plank maintenance difficult?

No, wall plank maintenance doesn’t require much effort and can be easily done with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Where can I find wall plank design ideas?

You can find numerous layout designs for wall planks online or consult with a professional interior designer for inspiration.

Are wall planks environmentally friendly?

Yes, many wall planks are made from sustainable materials and some are even made from reclaimed wood, making them an eco-friendly choice.


Wall planks are the perfect way to add charm and a personal touch to your home decor. With a variety of materials, installation options, and uses, they’re certainly worth investigating for your next project.

Why wait? Let your creativity flow and enjoy the timeless appeal of wooden wall planks. For an easy-to-install option, Stikwood.com has you covered. Check out our selection of natural and reclaimed planks today.