Wood Wall Interior Design Tips

The simplistic nature of Stikwood makes transforming your space easier-than-ever. Check out some tips on how you can use Stikwood to remodel your room into any interior design style.

Use Bright & Bold Colors

You might be surprised, but the natural merlot colors of the Reclaimed Barrel Oak pair well with bold colors that fall within the same color family. Incorporate a classic Womb Chair, metallic highlights and a few pieces of artwork to complete this mid-century modern style.

Photo credit: St. Louis Magazine

Stik with a Complimentary Color Scheme

Add in rich tones by using natural materials that help bring depth to a space that is naturally lit by the outdoor elements. Doing so will turn this sitting room into the focal point of the main living space.

Photo Credit: M&P Design

Add Organic Elements

For a West-Elm inspired bedroom, include organic elements throughout your design. The birdnest inspired light fixture are a perfect pair to the Reclaimed Weathered Wood that help to bring the outdoors in.

Photo Credit: Bobby Berk

Design A Light and Calm Space

A neutral color scheme gives this room a light, airy feel. A large Reclaimed Weathered Wood White feature wall and a faux furry couch add just the right amount of texture to complete this teenage bedroom.

Photo Credit: John Hourihan

Include a Touch of Rustic-Chic

Earthy tones and the natural patina of Reclaimed Weathered Wood create the sought after look of a rustic-chic bedroom. The hanging light fixtures and subtle decorative accents tie the space together so well.

Photo Credit: Notion & Form

Keep Things Simple

Everything has its place in this modern office design. For a mid-century modern look, make sure to keep things minimal and organized. Linear furniture with clean lines and a Mocha colored Stikwood wall gives the room that sleek sophisticated nature.

Photo Credit: Bobby Berk

Go for the Farmhouse Design

Let your DIY Pinterest dreams run wild during your next room refresher. The metal orb chandelier pairs well with the dark hardware accessories that pull together an industrial style. The natural colors of the Reclaimed Sierra Silver give the space a pleasant atmosphere to work in.

Photo Credit: Jenn Bucky

Have a design style in mind for your space? Send us your photos and we’ll recommend the best Stikwood style for your design!