Installing Stikwood is Easy

We invented peel+stik wood, so we know what works. Pros will appreciate how quick Stikwood can be installed and DIYers will like how easy (and fun!) it is. A typical 10x8 accent wall can be completed easily in a day with simple tools.

Here are some of the reasons pro's and DIYers love Stikwood:

  • Stikwood's thin design and strong adhesive hugs your walls, and stays stuck.
  • Stikwood is versatile—want to put Stikwood on a ceiling? No problem.
  • It's lightweight and easy to lift.
  • Cutting Stikwood is easy, you can even use a utility knife! Cutting around outlets is a cinch.
  • No need to remove existing baseboards or trim—just butt right to them.
  • less waste overall and cleanup is fast.
  • Most projects take less than a day.
  • It looks amazing, and the change it brings to a room is dramatic.

Installing stikwood with the Cousins.

It looks easy, because it is.

Installing Stikwood with Jennifer Decorates.

Don't just take our word for it…Here is one of our favorite install videos done by Youtuber Jennifer Decorates.