Project Spotlight: Cascade Lakes Brewery with Woodwöl by Julanda Shannon

(Photo credit to Anna Jacobs Photography)

Julanda Shannon, an Interior Designer based in Oregon, designed this space for Cascade Lakes Brewery using Woodwöl in Buckskin Grid.

You can check out the full gallery and more of Julanda's work on her website:

"Julanda's passion for design is inspired by her great love of travel and the influence she had growing up in Europe. With an appreciation for simplicity, she is drawn to clean lines, organic materials, and serene spaces that incorporate curated details. She designs with the location in mind, considering the surrounding environment and the local culture.

She is an overly-passionate spirit who can't help but douse herself in any artistic challenge on the horizon. From installing tile and hardwood, to building custom barn doors and furniture pieces for her clients. She loves to create and be hands on.

Julanda has been working in the design field for five years, specializing in 2D & 3D modeling to help client’s conceptualize their vision. She is working with builders on high-end custom homes throughout Central Oregon.

With a general contractor and trusted subcontractors in tow, Julanda is able to take on small scale projects as well as full house remodels and new constructions."