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Wood Wall of the Week: Paradise In a Peel and Stick Wood Accent Wall

Rather than say “sayonara” to summer as soon as autumn arrives, wouldn’t it be nice if you could stretch out the dog days through the cold months and still pursue your favorite fall activities indoors? You can when you install this peel and stick wood accent wall that gives off summer vacation vibes, but still offers the creative comforts needed to fall back indoors this autumn. Find out why the stick on wood accent wall of the week is worthy of a place in your home and how to use reclaimed wood paneling to recreate it with ravishing results.

Summer-Swept Looks

White peel and stick wood accent wall in a mid-century modern bonus room.

No matter what the outdoor weather is like, summer washes over you from the moment you set foot in this mid-century modern recreation room. It’s decorated with tabletop potted plants, hanging greenery, and a sleek flat-screen TV that’s giving off island vibes with its screensaver.

But more than any other design element, it’s the peel and stick wood accent wall that instantly cures the cold-weather blues. Boasting bright white highlights and shadowy lowlights, the Reclaimed White Weathered Wood paneling that was used for the stick on wood accent wall lends a bold but breezy tropical aura to the room that instantly transports you from a humble home in Anytown, America to a seaside resort in the Bahamas.

The neutral-colored cabinet that acts as a partial room divide continues the theme of island living with sand-colored siding. A low-back piano chair sitting nearby with a slinky set of tropical teak-inspired wood legs beckons you to call it quits on fall yard work and take a seat in paradise.

Adaptive Application

A rustic white peel and stick wood accent wall in a home music room.

Clearly, the designers of this stunning space knew that the best cure for autumn cabin fever is to keep your creative brain busy. The intersection of the peel and stick wood accent wall and an all-white wall in the room carves out a cozy corner for musically adept creatives to converge throughout the cold season.

If you live to perform songs, you can play your greatest hits on the electric guitar, tuba or keyboard that’s parked within inches of the stick on wood accent wall. If playing a few games interests you instead, you can tap away at keys of another variety at the nearby computer that’s stationed on a cabinet that also doubles as a desk.

And if you have a green thumb, you can continue to grow your knowledge of indoor gardening by maintaining the hanging garden that’s suspended from the ceiling. Whatever your talent, you can nurture it in the nifty nook in the foreground of the peel and stick wood accent wall.

Ingenious Installation

A home music room with a white stick on wood accent wall and 5-inch baseboards.

The key to the style success of this peel and stick wood accent wall is clever plank placement, proportion, and orientation. To copy the results, start by choosing an empty interior wall adjacent to a white or off-white-colored wall as the canvas for your stick on wood accent wall. Neutral adjacent walls will help downplay the drama of the streaked weathered wall to create a more soothing environment for me-time.

Because you’re creating a focal wall, limit the white-washed reclaimed wood planks to one wall in the room to keep all eyes on the creative hub in the corner. Remember, the goal of a wood panel accent wall isn’t to dominate the design, but rather to enhance it by establishing a visual point of interest in the room.

Finally, mount the wood panels vertically rather than horizontally to add the look of height to the room. The vertical wood wall accent in this room mimics the long and lean silhouette of swaying trees on a beach while harmonizing with the vertical grain of the cabinet siding.

Order a few white weathered wood plank samples today to see how your own rendition of our wood wall of the week might look in your own home.



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