5 Coastal Design Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year Round

Coastal, beachy decor is common along the seaside, but it can also make an amazing addition to homes in the city or countryside. By using light, airy design finishes you can make your home feel like a vacation year-round.

To create this relaxing and inviting design look, you don’t need seahorses figurines or sandcastle pillows, you just need the perfect wall covering to bring a tranquil and warm feeling to your space. Below are five of our favorite coastal finishes.

1. Hamptons

Hamptons is refreshing, beachy and bright. One of our most popular finishes, Hamptons combines natural wood grain with a creamy white color and subtle texture. This finish is perfect for a more traditional coastal home design.

2. Modern White

Modern White is both beautiful and bold making it perfect for living spaces, bedrooms and more. Made to have a more consistent white finish, Modern White is great for a refined, beachy look.

3. Sand Stone

Sand Stone is earthy and warm like the sandy shores that inspire its finish. Made from pine planks, Sand Stone is a great natural, coastal option.

4. Minimalist Fir

Minimalist Fir is a less traditional beachy finish because each plank is softly-pink and full of character. The planks are light and airy which makes them perfect for creating a vacation feeling.

5. Cobblestone

Cobblestone is a calming finish with light brown grain and complementary gray tones. Made from reclaimed pine, Cobblestone has a textured surface and earthy finish just like a beach made of pebbles.

Love the coastal look?

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