How to Decorate a Bedroom That’s Just for You!

Bedrooms are meant to be a refuge from the rest of the world. A place where you can go and just be you. That’s why we talked to Jen from JG Color Studios about how to decorate a bedroom that’s full of character and personality!

Don’t be afraid of color!

Jen didn’t start her career as an interior designer. She started as an artist and then a painter who LOVED all things color! She fell in love with how color and textures can change a space and create a sense of whimsy.

While the bedroom that started our conversation wasn’t popping with all kinds of color, but instead was a tranquil boho-inspired retreat, she says that color is the thing that can create the biggest impact in a room! So, don’t shy away from it.

If color makes you nervous, start small. Even little things like a turquoise lamp can make a big impact.

Wood Feature Walls Add Tons of Texture!

Want to know an easy peasy way for how to decorate a bedroom?! A peel and stick wood accent wall. Jen designed this boho-inspired room around our Reclaimed Weathered Wood White planks, because they add a ton of natural texture!

She told me that when you’re looking at a space, you should, “always, always look at what you want to focus on in that space.”

From there you can decide why you want it to stand out, “do you want it to be tranquil? Textured? Bright?”

In this space, Jen decided she wanted a natural feel that was both fun and light. Plus, she wanted to rock that amazing hanging chair. So, it made sense to bring in some Stikwood for her wood feature wall.

Find Inspiration in REAL Life!

Inspiration is key when you’re thinking about how to decorate your bedroom! There are so many places where you can go to decide what looks speak to who you are. Pinterest is cool, and so is Instagram (hey! Have you checked our Instagram out, yet?!), but the coolest places to find inspiration are in real life experiences!

Jen says that her favorite way to find design inspiration, hands down, is through travel, “This year I’ll visit my 30th country. Hearing a language that’s foreign, experiencing a different culture, and the visual history as well as the people blow me away.”

Yes! We love the memories that travel creates and seriously, what could be better than bringing some of that back into your space?!

So if you want to decorate a bedroom and you're interested in seeing if Stikwood is right for your space, click here to order samples!