Project Spotlight: Michele's Earthy Cocoa Kitchen

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by Tiffany Seeger | June 2, 2023

Combining maximalism with minimalism is truly an art in the world of interior design and home decor and Michele of Our Uncluttered House is a gifted DIY artist. Her home is clad in modern and fun wallpaper accented with earthy hues and natural elements, so when she chose Stikwood for her Kitchen project, we knew it was going to blow us away.

Michele’s kitchen was already beautiful, but she thought it needed a little something extra, especially above her cabinets. Vertical Grain Cocoa was the perfect choice.

We asked Michele a series of questions to understand her creative process behind the project, to get to know her a little bit better and to find out more about the role Stikwood played in bringing her vision to life.

Stikwood: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your kitchen project:

Michele: My name is Michele and I love anything “Home”’related - decor, DIY, organizing, etc. I love doing projects in our own home and I also do Design Consulting and help others make their homes beautiful.

When we bought our current home, the empty space above the kitchen cabinets drove me crazy. And what most DIYers were doing was building “boxes” to fill in the gap, I knew they would just turn into dust collectors. I’ve always been a fan of Stikwood and had a lightbulb moment one day while scrolling Instagram and the rest is history!

S: What inspired this project?

M: I actually saw a post of a beautiful designer home that had wood accents above the kitchen cabinets to match a beam and that’s when Stikwood popped into my mind as something that could work in our kitchen. I’ve been intrigued by the product for a few years now and we also have plans to add a faux beam to our kitchen.

S: Please explain the use of the materials you used in this project and why they were important:

M: We honestly used Stikwood, a utility knife and our chop saw. Because the area was long, there were few cuts needed but the utility knife, with a sharp blade, along with a straight edge, proved to be the most useful tool. And I loved that because it meant this project was one that I could share as a “beginner level” DIY with my followers.

S: Was this your first project using Stikwood? What were your thoughts and do you think you'll use it again?

M: This was my first time using Stikwood and I would definitely use it again! In fact my mind is already swirling with two areas I would love to use it again - one at home and one at our cottage!

Talk about inspiration, right? The subtle addition of real wood in this space has truly breathed new life into it and we can't wait to see what she does next!

If you thought this space was cool, be sure to check out Michele’s Instagram and Facebook page for more design inspo because there’s no shortage of it over there. Plus, you can also check out her own blog on her website and even schedule a design consultation with her.