Project Spotlight: Michele's Light and Dreamy Bathroom

In our ongoing Project Spotlight series, we talk with talented DIYers about their Stikwood projects and share their experiences and photos with you!

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by Tiffany Seeger | February 2, 2024

A few months back, we featured a Project Spotlight from Michele of Our Uncluttered House where she used Vertical Grain Cocoa to completely transform the look of her kitchen. You can read that blog post here!

Now we're back to share some photos of her recent bathroom upgrade with Stikwood on the ceiling.

Michele's ability to blend maximalism with minimalism continues to inspire and impress us.

Talk about inspiration, right? The subtle addition of real wood in our Modern White finish has truly breathed new life into it and we can't wait to see what she does next!

If you thought this space was cool, be sure to check out Michele’s Instagram and Facebook page for more design inspo because there’s no shortage of it over there. Plus, you can also check out her own blog on her website and even schedule a design consultation with her.