Stikwood is Completely Safe for a Kids Room or Nursery. Here’s Why...

Stikwood not only gives you endless design opportunities for your ceilings and walls, it’s also completely non-toxic and FSC certified. We are also Indoor Advantage Air Quality Certified. That means installing Stikwood in your nursery or kids room is 100% safe.

This may come as a surprise, but many conventional home design materials are typically manufactured using formaldehyde and other chemical treatments, which can seep into the air inside your home even if you don’t smell it. This process is called off-gassing. By choosing to buy your rustic wall planks from a company that uses only FSC certified reclaimed products and VOC-free finishes, you can breathe easy (literally) knowing that your design materials are safe for you and your loved ones.

Featured Style | Minimalist Fir

Using real reclaimed wood planks means less pollution of our planet. The timber industry generates a large amount of air and water pollution with large-scale harvesting, transporting, and processing of wood. Other environmental pollution problems include solid waste disposal, toxic air emissions from burned end-cuts, veneer dryer emissions, and glue waste disposal. Obviously, reclaimed wood has already been harvested and processed long ago. What could be more environmentally friendly than recycling it?

When we partnered with John Colaneri from HGTV so he could design a baby girl’s room using Minimalist Fir on the wall, we knew he would deliver a stunning design that would be both unique and practical. He decided to do something different from the standard horizontal or vertical plank installation. He went with a double chevron pattern that was framed in on both sides. He chose the Minimalist Fir planks because he knew the warm hues of the wood would complement the blush pink walls in the rest of the room.

We’d say he nailed this client project, but realistically he didn’t have to use any nails. Stikwood planks make DIYing a feature wall easier than ever with peel and stick adhesive backing. We love what John did with this nursery!

So if you’ve ever wondered whether or not Stikwood is safe for installing into your child’s bedroom, you can take a deep breath and have the peace of mind that it’s 100% safe, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly to boot!

If you’d like to know more about Stikwood, visit our FAQ page!