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5 Bold Ideas for Barn Wood Wall Paneling

Drive across America and you’ll pass a bevy of barns. They are in pastures surrounded by huge bales of neatly rolled hay, on hillsides with livestock grazing around them, and in the middle of fields that are brimming with corn stalks. These barns have been vital to American living for centuries, so it’s no wonder why we want to reclaim the gorgeous wood from some of these beauties! It’s never been easier to showcase American history in your own home with these 5 bold ideas for using barn wood wall paneling.  

Sierra Gold Gives Off Backcountry Skiing Vibes

Barn wood wall paneling creates a focal wall in ski cabin foyer where skis and boots accumulate.

Infused with warm gold tones, the barn wood wall paneling in this welcoming foyer looks like it was plucked from one of the cattle ranches of the Sierra Valley. But the barn wood wall doesn’t merely bear a passing resemblance to authentic barn wood — the peel and stick wood wall is actually made of Sierra Gold classic wood planks.

Much like the barns of the Sierras, the genuine barnwood planks boast a wind-streaked finish that co-exists beautifully with an energizing orange wooden bench and alpine artwork.

Cobblestone Creates a Countryside Canteen

Barn wood wall paneling inspired reclaimed wood decorates the top of a contemporary blue and white kitchen.

Hard-working barns are naturally weathered by years of baking in the hot country sun and being bathed by torrential downpours of the midwest. The look of our Cobblestone wood planks nails the look of barn wood wall paneling to a tee. Through its factory patina, which includes a muted gray hue, coarse feel, and visible grain of the reclaimed pine wood, it gives off the vibe of peaceful country settings.

The great news is there’s no need to wrangle livestock in this barn-style canteen; an array of contemporary cabinets installed against the barnwood accent wall neatly store the pantry’s contents so they are out of sight until it’s time to ring the dinner bell.

Reclaimed Weathered Wood Adds a Country Feel

Barn wood wall paneling and a cow hide rug add rural feel to a dining room.

Who said rural living had to be back-breaking? With our style of barn wood wall paneling, you can create the illusion of a centuries-old barn under your own roof without hammering a single nail. To recreate this country-inspired dining room wall, install our peel and stick Reclaimed Weathered Wood planks in a horizontal pattern. To finish off the room, hang oversized art on the wall and spruce up the bare floors with potted plants.

The mischievous flecks of brown, gray, and black in the planks of the barn wood wall add a sense of play to the space that any outdoor enthusiast would love.

Reclaimed Barrel Oak Throws Back to Classic Barns

Red wine stained barnwood wall and modern red chair with metal accents add warmth to a sitting room.

The image of a classic red barn with clean white trim has been ensconced in American architectural tradition ever since the 1700s. The reasoning is New England farmers discovered that rust-colored iron oxide could be used to inexpensively paint their barns. Now, you can pay homage to the enduring appeal of the classic red barn by installing our red toned wood wall paneling.

The red-wine infused Reclaimed Barrel Oak wood planks used on this barnwood-esque accent wall, allows it to mimic the crimson color of classic barns without the bright red paint. The modern fire-engine-red armchair and matching footstool accentuate the scarlet undertones of the barn wood wall paneling and amplifies the warmth of the space.

Distressed Finishes Accentuate Angles

Barn wood wall paneling adds interest to the angular top half of the walls in this artistic country bedroom.

Not catching enough Z’s? Try snoozing in this barn-inspired bedroom featuring reclaimed barn wood walls made of peel and stick Reclaimed Weathered Wood planks. By installing the planks on two sloping walls that follow the natural contours of the roof, the homeowners imitated the look of a traditional two-sided gambrel barn roof. Country inspired accents, including wooden folding chairs covered in artistic material and a simple metal framed bed help tell the story of America’s rural history in a contemporary way.

If you love these barn wood inspired looks as much as we do, be sure to order a custom pack of 5 Stikwood samples today.



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