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How to Nail the Art Deco Style with Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Popularized between 1925 and 1940, a time of social and political upheaval around the world, the Art Deco style took inspiration from the future and the past, the ornate and the monolithic, and from societies as near as America to as far away as Europe, Mesoamerica, Egypt, and Africa.

This straddling of styles has made the design hard to pin down and recreate. But by focusing on the core tenets of the style, namely, its emphasis on geometry, stylized motifs, and luxe materials like wood, you can recreate it in your home with little more than reclaimed wood paneling and some imagination. Read on for five ways to relive the roaring ‘20s and bring the Art Deco style home with peel and stick reclaimed wood wall panels.

Reach for Rich WoodsReclaimed wood wall paneling adds a sophisticated touch to this study.

Full-bodied woods were all the rage in the Art Deco era, lending decadence to interior surfaces and accents ranging from leather rocking chairs inlaid with wooden marquetry to wood wall paneling. The rich, complex tones of the Victoria reclaimed pine boards that make up this reclaimed wood paneling wall do the same by lending luxury to the humble den.

Likewise, the floral-inspired motif of the reclaimed wood wall panels gives the den a sense of sophistication that hearkens back to the elegant scrollwork and fretwork that were seen throughout the Art Deco era.

Get Ahead of the CurveReclaimed Weathered Wood White reclaimed wood paneling helps differentiate a kitchen space in an open floor plan by being added to the ceiling.

One of the classic characteristics of the Art Deco style is the interruption of block forms with curves. In this kitchen adorned with reclaimed wood paneling, the irresistible curves of the round recessed lights, wall-mounted planters, cylindrical pendant lights, and a steampunk-inspired chandelier provide a visual break from the block forms of the Reclaimed Weathered Wood White soffits, countertop and sink basin, and windows. The interplay between linear and round geometry beautifully subverts expectations and makes for a tantalizing treat for the eye every time you reach for the fridge.

Seek out the SculpturalReclaimed wood paneling adds dimension and depth to a master bedroom in a way that’s reminiscent of art deco style.

Ornamenting everyday objects with sculptural silhouettes, such as decorative pediments and pilasters and ornate interior trim work, was a primary goal of the Art Deco style. In keeping with that philosophy, this dreamy Hamptons bedroom wall clad in reclaimed wood paneling gets added depth and dimension from an eye-awakening lamp, a well-chiseled candle holder, a gently arching headboard with dramatic pillars, and an end table with intricately carved cornices. These energizing embellishments to the reclaimed wood wall offer just the wake-up call you need on a Monday morning.

Go for GoldReclaimed Weathered Wood adds warmth in a way that only reclaimed wood can in this turquoise bedroom.

The nation’s wealth doubled during the 1920s before the Great Depression, and that prosperity manifested itself in the ample use of gold and steel in Art Deco architecture and interior design. But you certainly don’t need the deep pockets of a Gatsby to bling out your home.

To recreate this gold-tinged bedroom, install reclaimed wood paneling in the Reclaimed Weathered Wood patina to a plain wall, and make the reclaimed wood planks pop by topping them with faux-gold-trimmed diamond-shaped mirrors. Park gold-colored end tables and stools on either side of the bed to accentuate the reclaimed wood focal wall and complete the gilded look for less.

Catch Some SunReclaimed wood paneling by Stikwood has been done in an abstract design in this artsy but masculine family room.

Why risk a sunburn to get a glimpse of that great, bright orb in the sky? By artfully arranging the reclaimed wood wall panels in this living room diagonally, you can achieve a striking sunburst wood wall paneling motif in your own home. The visually arresting pattern, consisting of beams that protrude outward like the rays of the sun, was commonly seen on building facades, interior accents, and textiles during the Art Deco era.

The sun may have set on that period, but this example of sunburst reclaimed wood paneling, adorned with portraits of a waxing and waning moon, sheds light on that influential design era and makes the room shine.

Pick up Stikwood samples today to recreate these and other Art-Deco-inspired designs with reclaimed wood planks.



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