3 Stikwood Finishes for a Moody & Modern Look

In a world of farmhouse chic, we think it's important to offer some dark, smooth finishes for those of you who love a moody and modern look. These three finishes look great in offices, dining rooms and bedrooms alike plus, they help to set the ambiance of a space.

1. Plum

Beautiful, complex & ripe.The softly diffused purple tone of our Plum wood planks is crafted from American Red Oak that’s hand rubbed with a plant-based European oil finish.

2. Charcoal

Our Charcoal peel & stick wood panels have a distinctive charred feel and a matte look. The grain of the American Red Oak is subtle, but still visible, which gives just enough character to make someone stand in awe of the beauty.

3. Black Cherry

Made from American Red Oak, this finish has subtle, beautiful hints of red that peek through as the light hits the boards. The warm tone adds rich interest to the distinct grain pattern of these planks.