5 Hot Ideas for a Fireplace Accent Wall

Gathering around a toasty fire is a tradition as old as time, but they serve more than just one purpose. They provide heat and serve a certain design aesthetic depending on the style of your home. If your fireplace has worn out or downright fizzled out, reignite its beauty by turning it into a full-fledged fireplace accent wall made of peel and stick wood. These stick-on fireplace walls will provide all the inspiration you need for surefire success.

Reclaimed Weathered Wood Accentuates Electric Fireplaces

Where there's smoke, there's fire, except in the case of this electric fireplace accent wall with faux flames that burn as brightly as real fire. The silver-blue undertones of the Reclaimed Weathered Wood planks that comprise the wood plank fireplace wall make the neon blue aura of the hearth look all the more hypnotic.

Meanwhile, the brown overtones of the wood wall planks allow the floating hearth to retain a down-to-earth sensibility. A flat-screen television mounted high on the reclaimed wood wall completes the DIY fireplace surround and turns the once blah background wall into a thing of beauty.

Hamptons Adds Character and Charm to Metal-Plated Fireplaces

Image Credit: A Crafted Passion

Metal-plated fireplaces go from doom-and-gloom to va-va-voom with the addition of white-washed wood planks behind them. The farmhouse chic inspired floor-to-ceiling fireplace accent wall of this sitting room gives an unexpected jolt of jolliness to the subdued black metal faceplate flanking the hearth and makes for a perfect black and white contrast.

The Hamptons wood planks used to create the wall emphasize the clean lines of the fireplace and visually separate the waist of the DIY fireplace surround from its upper half to add depth and dimension to the sitting room.

Nature Gray Planks Lend Graceful Glamour to Unused Fireplaces

To turn the eyesore of an unused or inoperable fireplace into eye candy, think outside the firebox for design inspiration. A homely hearth no more, this mantel regained its spark with the help of an ornate DIY fireplace surround and a wood plank fireplace wall made of reclaimed weathered wood gray panels.

The white undertones of the wood wall planks play up the noble white patina of the fireplace surround and its fanciful fretwork. Nature-inspired accents planted nearby, including a firebox chock full of timber, greenery on the mantle, and wall-mounted portraits of leaves around the fireplace accent wall conspire to create a picture of perfection.

Golden Oak Adds Warmth to Mid-Century Modern Fireplaces

One of the most iconic home interior pieces of the 60s and 70s is the fluted, free standing fireplace that resembles an upside-down cone. Since these types of fireplaces are meant to be a statement piece on their own, it doesn’t take a whole lot of extra elbow grease to make them stand out. This mid-century modern inspired space was created with the intent of keeping the fireplace as the star of the show. With Golden Oak reclaimed wood planks on the wall behind it, it gives off the perfect combination of warm and fashionable.

Weathered Panels Up the Outdoorsiness of Virtual Fireplaces

Small tykes or pets might nix your plans to install a fireplace accent wall in your man or ma’am cave. But you can still cozy up the space with a flame-free virtual fire that roars at the flip of a remote control through a television on a wood plank fireplace wall. Reclaimed wood fireplace walls like this peel and stick wood wall made of Reclaimed Weathered Wood planks provide the ideal canvas for a media hub equipped with entertainment essentials like a flat-screen TV.

Paired with the digital flames, the distressed patina of the DIY fireplace surround transports you to a smoky campsite in the woods every time you enter the den. But instead of lounging around in a makeshift tent, you’ll be cradled in the comfort of a wrap-around sofa and a wicker coffee table in the foreground of the wood wall fireplace.

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