Using Stikwood to Create a Rustic Log Cabin Interior

by Laura Demetrious · September 21, 2021

Looking for the right products to create a rustic log cabin interior in your home? Look no further than Stikwood. These one-of-a-kind peel and stick reclaimed wood planks give you the authentic, real wood look you want without hauling in a bunch of heavy lumber or giving you a month-long project to complete. Stikwood installations can be done in a single day without any hassle. Since the planks are only 3/16” thin and 5 inches wide, it makes creating a log cabin interior easier than you could even imagine.

The character and charm of a rustic log cabin can be easily recreated with Stikwood. All of our reclaimed wood products feature a beautiful, natural finish that can only be found by the natural elements of different seasons in the United States.You’ll get the character you’re looking for with nail holes, knots and weathered grooves that tell the story of the real reclaimed wood's rich history.

A log cabin interior is composed of earthy elements, warm tones, and is heavily inspired by nature. When you think of a log cabin, you almost immediately associate it with a cottage in the mountains-- a relaxing getaway that promotes relaxation and serenity.

Here are some examples of cozy log cabin interiors that were created by Stikwood customers:

Designer PJ Hurst used Charcoal Stikwood to add a beautiful contrast to the staircase of this modern Scandinavian cabin. Mixed with the beautiful light wood-toned ceiling and floors, it’s perfectly balanced with an immense amount of depth.

Abigail Elise Design Studio created this beautiful log cabin interior style using Reclaimed Weathered Wood in a vertical pattern alongside a gorgeous hexagon tile. The mixing of materials in this home proves that you don’t have to stick to “matchy-matchy” pieces to pull off a beautiful design. Mix it up-- differing textured, colors, patterns, and materials can really elevate a space and create a fresh finish.

Designer Roanna Bales put together a bedroom in her A-Frame cabin in the woods that invites the nature scenes outside into the home. She installed Vertical Grain Mountain Moss on the feature wall of the bedroom. These planks have a subtle shade of green that evokes the essence of fresh mountain air and calms a space. The color is consistent, with just a hint of visible wood grain. We couldn’t think of a better way to bring nature inside than with these sustainable wood planks.

This log cabin inspired bedroom was made possible with Stikwood being installed inside the bunk bed on both the wall and ceiling. The Reclaimed Weathered Wood product includes a beautiful variation of dark browns, blonde, and golden tones that create a uniquely rustic look. The finished space promotes a feeling of warmth and coziness that ensures a wonderful night of rest.

Designing a beautiful log cabin interior doesn’t have to be difficult. Installing Stikwood on your walls or ceiling can easily and instantly transform your home into your own little cabin in the woods (regardless of where you live!)

Ready to get started?

Here are 6 Stikwood finishes that are perfect for the log cabin look:

Reclaimed Weathered Wood
Reclaimed Sierra Silver
Reclaimed Barrel Oak
Golden Oak
Vertical Grain Mountain Moss