Spice Up Your Kitchen with a Peel and Stick Backsplash

If kitchen walls could talk, they’d beg you to install a reclaimed wood backsplash — both to boost their beauty and to protect them from stains, grit, and grime resulting from either cooking fumes or splashes.

Tradition holds that a wood backsplash should be installed behind a kitchen sink (with a splash safe treatment) or stove (ensuring that your local fire codes are being followed), as the wall behind these fixtures is most at risk of being splashed throughout the course of everyday use.

By using stick-on reclaimed wood planks, you can create a functionally and aesthetically pleasing peel and stick backsplash throughout the kitchen.

For instance, designer Kyle Schuneman used Reclaimed Barrel Oak peel and stick planks in his loft to create a wood backsplash. He adhered them over an old mosaic tile and the transformation is amazing!

For inspiration, take a peek at these five enticing canteens that used an easy-to-install peel and stick kitchen backsplash:

Mid-Century Marvels

The marriage of natural materials, such as wood, with manmade materials, such as vinyl, was integral to the Mid-Century Modern design movement that enjoyed its heyday between 1933 to 1965. While many contemporary kitchens that emulate the style employ imitation wood, the peel and stick wood backsplash in this vogue kitchen is the real deal.

Comprising authentic peel and stick reclaimed wood planks, the Reclaimed Weathered Wood White kitchen backsplash serves as a rough-hewn counterpoint to the smooth-as-milk cabinets, island, and ceiling.

At Home in France

Why venture to the quaint cafes of southeastern France when you can dine in the French countryside right at home? Thanks to sunny yellow flowers, verdant green herbs, and a peel and stick wood backsplash made of Reclaimed Weathered Wood White planks, walking into this kitchen feels like basking in the multicolored landscape of Roussillon in Cote d'Azur.

A slew of complementary countryside charms stashed in the kitchen, including sculptural carafes and a lifelike rooster ornament, are enough to set the heart of any Francophile aflutter.

Stateside Savanna

This cozy kitchen corner brings the African savanna home with colorful culturally-inspired artwork, a vase of dry brush seemingly plucked fresh from the grassland, and a peel and stick wood backsplash created using earthy Reclaimed Weathered Wood planks for walls.

Like the sun setting over the savanna, the soft lighting beneath the ebony cabinetry casts a warm glow on the rich brown, gray, and black tones of the peel and stick backsplash that makes the everyday chores of chopping and meal preparation all the more appetizing.

Splash-worthy Sidewalls

No sink along the perimeter of your kitchen wall is no reason to bow out of installing a peel and stick backsplash. In this transitional kitchen and dining room outfitted with oh-so-sweet chocolate-brown cabinetry, the location of the sink on the kitchen island naturally prevents the installation of a wood backsplash behind the sink.

But since the risk of food and drink splatter remains high in the corner dining nook, a DIY peel and stick backsplash with a Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray patina was cleverly installed on the wall behind the dining area to keep flying food from permanently peppering your wall. The oversized clock mounted on top of the reclaimed wood backsplash ensures that you never forget when dinnertime is!

Cook’s Corner

Who said your kitchen backsplash had to live in a standalone kitchen? As the DIY peel and stick backsplash in this sitting room kitchenette proves, you can install a peel and stick backsplash on textured wall or smooth wall in any room where food or liquid splash back is a concern.

The peel and stick wood backsplash, consisting of Sand Stone planks, was installed in between the base and upper cabinets to define a social space for grabbing grub in a once lonely corner of the room. The corner kitchen’s position overlooking a floor-to-ceiling picture window and a lush yard makes fixing a drink or getting a casual bite to eat feel like a picnic in the park.

Ready to add flair, flavor, and function to your kitchen? Snag some Stikwood samples today to get started on your own peel and stick kitchen backsplash.