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How to Design Your Home Office Space

By: Carmen Ballock-Bunt
Posted In: Design Log

Carving out a space that’s all your own and designing it so that you’re at your best is what creating your home office space is all about. The only thing that matters when you design this space is YOU! With that said, I came up with a list of tips for how to design your home office space.

  • Pick A Location That Helps You Be Your Best A home office with a reclaimed wine barrel wood wall. Get The Wood Wall Look: Reclaimed Barrel Oak | Buy a Sample 

  • It's all about location! If you’re anything like me, you’ve lived in all kinds of places and have learned your home office likes and dislikes. But, if you're still unsure of where the best location is for you, then here are a couple of things to consider:

    • Do you work best when you have a light and bright space with natural sunlight gleaming in and a fresh breeze blowing through the room? If so, try to set up your office in a space with a window.
    • If your best ideas come to you at night, then natural light may not be big on your list. However, having a door to block out your household’s evening noise might be.

    Organization is King!

    A home office with custom desks that use filing cabinets and are set against a modern wood wall. Get The Wood Wall Look: Reclaimed Weathered Wood | Sample 


    I'm an organization junkie. Talking about it makes me super happy, so this is one of my favorite tips! Think horizontally and vertically when it comes to storage. This home office does it right with their custom filing cabinet desks and small item storage solutions. Plus the floating shelves really make the walls work for them. 

    Lights For Productive Nights!

    An organized desk with a faith sign that is hanging on a modern wood wall.Get The Wood Wall Look: Reclaimed Weathered Wood White | Sample 

    Beyond natural light, think about overhead lights or lamps when designing your home office. Especially, if you’re a night owl. Eye strain is no fun, so making sure you have plenty of light is crucial. Plus, it helps create a nice ambiance. The big tip here is to layer light into the room so that you can adjust the amount of light you want depending on your mood or task. 

    • Start with overhead lighting such as recessed lights or a single chandelier.
    • Then, add in a corner light for times that you don’t want light glaring from above.
    • And finally, you’ll want to illuminate your workspace with a small task lamp for times when you want a softer light.

    Walls That Make You Smile!

    A contemporary home office with a modern reclaimed wood wall that surrounds a picture windowGet The Wood Wall Look: Hazelnut | Sample

    The most important part of designing your office is to love the look of your space. There’s nothing worse than spending hours on end in a room that makes you feel less than stellar. So, splurge on things that make you happy!

    Bring in some natural elements with things like Stikwood sustainable wood wall planks or natural fiber rugs such as jute. After all, looking around you and feeling a connection with the real world while you work is priceless.

    Create a Comfy Space for Thinking

    A small home office tucked in a corner that's next to a modern wood wall in a bedroomGet The Wood Wall Look: Reclaimed Weathered Wood | Sample

    Stepping away from your desk (and the computer that sits on it) is important. Having a comfy space to sit back and think, read a book, or solve a problem is more than a luxury, it helps productivity. Your comfy space can be as simple as a chair sitting in a corner or as luxurious as a book nook. It totally depends on your space and your needs.

    No matter how you choose to design your space, make sure it works for you! 

    Cheers! Carmen

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