Create a Cool Indoor Oasis with Rustic Wood Planks

As the mercury rises, many homeowners head to parks, forests, gardens, and other green spaces for a dose of the wild. But what if you could beat the traffic and instead retreat to your own personal oasis at any time of day, regardless of the weather outside? Using little more than rustic wood planks, you can, in fact, create an energizing green space in virtually any room of your home. For inspiration, look no further than these six awe-inspiring indoor oases.

Garden Glamour

Reinvigorate the senses while escaping heat, rain, and wind by spending a day in this sun-soaked sanctuary under your own roof. The trick to recreating it is to install Hamptons rustic wood planks along the full height of the wall and the slanted ceiling. The whimsical white reclaimed wood surfaces, accented with verdant hanging planters, wicker woven baskets, plush burlap cushions, and carefree straw hats, whisk you away to a tranquil rose garden within moments of entering the space.

Panoramic Picnic

Every meal in this dining room feels like a pampering picnic at the park thanks to the successful showcasing of sylvan elements indoors and out. Grand windows act as a living mural that invites in the surrounding forest. Nearby, a wooden table, hardwood floors, and trusses clad in Reclaimed Sierra Gold wood planks and adorned with a softly-lit chandelier amplify the rustic vibe and lend warmth to the white interior.

Botanical Beauty

Has your kitchen lost its bloom? Restore its radiance by dressing up do-nothing spaces and drab surfaces with a combination of rustic wood planks and natural or artificial flowers. In this thriving kitchen, peach-, marigold-, and ivory-colored flowers stashed atop cabinets and countertops are coupled with a Reclaimed Weathered Wood hood face to liven up the room. The floral theme comes full circle with petal-shaped pendant lights that elegantly hang from the ceiling to evoke the ambiance of a blossoming botanical garden.

The Art of Asymmetry

Suffused with flora, this asymmetrical reclaimed wood accent wall grants modern homeowners a brief but memorable foray into the wild. Best of all, the individual design elements of the wall can be effortlessly maintained. The wall decor comes together in a cinch with peel and stick Reclaimed Sierra Silver planks that require no more than a vacumm to keep clean and polished. Similarly, the greenery consists of air plants, a trendy houseplant that needs only occasional light misting to keep it looking fresh and vivid.

Vintage Vino

Descending this stimulating stairwell feels like traipsing through the lush vineyards of Napa. At the top of the stairs, you'll bask in the light of an oversized window and brush past wooden planters brimming with billowing green stalks. On your way down, you'll meet a soaring wood wall made of Reclaimed Barrel Oak wood wall planks with the color and fragrance of real red wine. The bubble pendant that hangs from the ceiling may well tempt you to break open your own bottle of bubbly.

Radiant Roots

Create your own enchanting Eden in the cozy quarters of the bathroom by pairing a soothing white wall clad in Hamptons rustic wood planks with an equally whimsical driftwood console table base topped with a wooden table top. The spare but striking display of wood in eclectic forms shows off the full life cycle of the versatile material, from the tree farm to your home. You can further boost the beauty of the gnarly vanity by topping it with a tray overflowing with colorful and fragrant "forbidden" fruits.

Ready to create an indoor oasis of your own? Pick up peel and stick wood samples in any of the styles featured above, or draw inspiration from other winning reclaimed wood designs.