How to Easily Upgrade Your Bedroom Design with Wood Wall Planks

The bedroom is your sanctuary, or at least, you probably want it to be. It’s the space where you take refuge, where you can shut the door and have some quality “me” time. So don’t settle for four bland walls and a bed. You deserve something special! Here are some tips for how to easily upgrade your bedroom design.

The feature wall is a design element that has withstood the test of time, and for good reason. Having a clear focal point in a room is restful for the eyes (and therefore, the brain). Ideally, the wall you choose to be your feature -- or “accent” wall -- is the one that contains your existing focal point. In bedroom designs, the wall behind the headboard is a no-fail choice. But think beyond paint color to bedroom wall ideas that will inspire for years to come.

A Timeless Pattern

Featured Style | Charcoal

Reclaimed wood planks are a beautiful choice of material to instantly elevate your space. Take it a step further by applying peel and stick reclaimed wood in a classic herringbone pattern.

Split Personality Bedroom Design

Featured Style | Reclaimed Weathered Wood

Enhance your wall with reclaimed wood planks only to chair rail height, and finish the rest with coordinating paint or paper above. Chair rail height typically means the bottom third portion of your wall, or up to 32” for a standard 8’ wall. Finish off the top row with wood or metal trim, depending on what looks best with the rest of your decor.

Instant Architectural Upgrade

Featured Style | Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

Electric fireplaces have come a long way, and are now available in a wide range of styles. They can also make a welcoming focal point in your bedroom design, especially if your furniture is understated.

Just apply peel and stick reclaimed wood to the wall and plug in a fireplace for an instantly dramatic upgrade. This bedroom wall idea can even look ultra modern if you choose a consistent wood finish with gray tones, and a sleek, wall-mounted fireplace.

Take It to the Top - Stikwood on the Ceiling!

Featured Style | Hamptons

The poor ceiling is so often neglected in do-it-yourself bedroom designs, but if you take the time to give it some love, you’ll be thanking yourself every time you lie down. Peel and stick reclaimed wood gives you a range of options that impart an organic, restful feeling. Try a weathered wood plank for a cozy, rustic style, or go with simple, natural wood for the serenity of a spa experience.

Wood Wall Decor for the Bedroom

Featured Style | Reclaimed Weathered Wood Stikit Headboard

If you aren’t ready to commit to a bedroom design (or are renting your space), you can still enhance your environment with changes to your decor and furniture. Make a statement with wood wall art, and coordinate with an easily-assembled DIY reclaimed wood headboard. Both can be brought along with you no matter where you end up moving.

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