Unique Ways To Incorporate Stikwood Into Your Home

Every now and then we all get the urge to do something unique and creative in our homes. However, it's sometimes difficult to find the inspiration and the motivation to transform a space that really has that "wow factor."

Luckily, we have amazing customers who love sharing photos and stories of their latest Stikwood creations-- some have even been generous enough to share their unique designs with us. We love the variety of ideas and inspiration they offer! They remind us to step outside the box and create a look that’s all your own. Your home should symbolize your own unique style and personality, and it’s a fun way to help you nail these looks.

Stikwood helped reinvent DIY interior design. Made of sustainable and reclaimed wood, our planks are created with a peel and stick adhesive backing for easy installation. With so many advantages to using our peel and stick wood, it gives you the unique opportunity to easily change the look and feel of any space in your home. Whether your goal is to enhance the size of a room, create accent walls, or perform a complete revamp, Stikwood gives you the ability to blend nature and style with endless possibilities.

Vertical, Chevron, or Herringbone Installations

Featured Style: Charcoal

Although Stikwood is most commonly known for its easy peel and stick wall transformations, it can be used for so much more. With a little imagination, you can change up just about any surface in your home with to create a variety of looks throughout your space. Although the most common type of install of Stikwood is in a horizontal pattern, you can change things up and really add some character by following a vertical, chevron, or herringbone pattern on the wall or ceiling!

A Kitchen Re-Born

Featured Style: Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

How many of you find that your family spends most of their time in the kitchen? Whether it’s searching for a snack, preparing meals, or doing the dishes, families just naturally seem to gather in this place. So if your kitchen is one of the rooms that sees the most traffic in your house, why not make it one of the most inviting spaces?

Islands and Bars

Featured Style: Reclaimed Weathered Wood

While the typical Stikwood application would be on your kitchen walls, we’ve seen some pretty amazing transformations to other areas in this space. If you have an island in your kitchen, it’s a great way to add texture, a pop of color, or even make it the focal point of this area. Similarly, kitchen bars provide the perfect canvas for your peel and stick creations. Take a peek at some of our favorites.

Cabinet Makeover

Featured Style: Reclaimed Weathered Wood

If you have smooth kitchen cabinet surfaces, they’re the perfect place for a Stikwood revamp. Your cabinets alone can change the entire aesthetic of the kitchen. With your favorite peel and stick wood, give it a chic farmhouse feel with our Reclaimed Weathered Wood White or add rich warmth with our Reclaimed Barrel Oak You’ll be amazed at what a difference a cabinet change can make. For an added touch of personality, you can install knobs or handles to your newly redone cabinets. This simple add-on can give it so much extra charm!

Stikwood Backsplash

Featured Style: Victoria

Our peel and stick wood makes the perfect backsplash option to add some character and charm to your home. With just a few simple cuts and measurements, you’ll be able to create a whole new look for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

The best part is that you won’t need to worry about sealing your Stikwood backsplash. If you’d prefer that extra reassurance, we do offer our Splash Safe Protectant that you can easily add on before checkout. We use a high-quality commercial grade sealant to cover the front and back of each wood plank. For some extra strength power, we add on our pro-tape to give the planks added durability. This is great for those that would like to use their peel and stick wood planks in areas of high moisture such as the bathroom. So feel free to add on our Splash Safe feature to your backsplash for an extra $2 a square foot, for added peace of mind.

Welcoming Entryways

Featured Style: Reclaimed Rustic Slate

Applying Stikwood in your entryway is a fabulous way to make a great first impression with guests. Why not put that gorgeous archway to use? This can open up the room even further and create such an inviting feel. If your guests are met with a wall or pillar when they first enter your home, applying our stunning planks will add depth, character, and show your own unique style. We’ve even seen clients design their entryways using our planks on just a quarter or half of the wall. No one ever said you needed to cover your entire wall, right?

Fireplace Charm

Featured Style: Reclaimed Barrel Oak

Have you considered changing the appearance of your fireplace? There is so much you can do to perk up the look and feel of your fireplace. If you’re just looking for a little something extra, why not think about using our peel and stick wood on your mantel? Choose a Stikwood style to help bring colors together in the room, go bold and make your mantle the focal point, or use this opportunity to bring just a touch of the natural outdoor feel inside.

With our wide range of styles, you’ll be able to recreate the look and feel of a cabin or bring in the light and airy farmhouse chic aesthetic. You may even decide you’d rather tone down your fireplace feature with a soothing selection that will subtly blend your fireplace in with your surrounding walls. Anything goes!

Even on Ceilings?

Featured Style: Hamptons

If you’re wondering if Stikwood can be used on the ceiling, the answer is YES! Keep in mind that you will need your ceiling to be smooth in order to install your planks properly. If your ceiling has texture of any kind, you'll want to start by sanding it down to a smooth, flat surface. This allows your peel and stick wood to grab on correctly and stay put.

We have been in awe of some of the designs our clients have used to incorporate their ceilings into their interior design visions. With a variety of styles to choose from, using Stikwood on your ceiling can help brighten up a room, make use of otherwise wasted space, or help those low ceilings appear taller. There are just so many possibilities!

The design layout of your planks can also add to the unique character of your ceiling. To give the appearance of a taller ceiling, try arranging your planks lengthwise or at an angle to draw attention to the center of the ceiling. If you’re going for a more unique look, give a Chevron pattern a try. Have fun with your ceiling design and let your imagination run free.

A New Dimension - Vertical Stikwood

Featured Style: Minimalist Fir

You can also add your unique style with the layout and pattern of your Stikwood on your walls, bars, and kitchen islands. Just like with your ceilings, the layout of your wood planks can help the rest of the room appear taller or wider. With a vertical layout, you’ll add the appearance of height to any room—try this look around your windows. You’ll find you can open up the room while making your windows the new focal point. Who wouldn’t love the look of floor-to-ceiling windows?

For those smaller spaces in your home, take advantage of your Stikwood by installing it horizontally to open up your room. Another great tip is to alternate the pattern layout or use a diagonal or Chevron design; you'll draw the eye away from the size of your small space by making your patterned Stikwood wall the focal point. Pretty genius, right?

Stikits for Added Options

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, let me introduce you to our Stikits. These kits are a fun way to change the appearance of your furniture. With precut planks ready to go, we’ll help you add a unique look to furniture throughout your home.


Featured Product: Reclaimed Sierra Silver Headboard

Our Stikits allow you to easily create beautiful headboards in no time at all. We've designed our kits with an easy to follow layout that will have you feeling like a professional. We’ll even send you the hardware you need to secure your new headboard to the wall.

IKEA Furniture

Featured Style: Stikits Ikea Coffee Table Furniture Hack

IKEA furniture owners are going to love our IKEA Hack Kits that help you add a creative look to your coffee tables and end tables. Each kit comes with pre-measured and precut Stikwood planks to fit your various IKEA Lack tables perfectly. We’ve even put together kits for the much loved IKEA floating shelves and cubbies.

Barn Doors

Featured Style: Interior Barn Door in Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

With barn doors being all the rage, we’ve created a Stikit that brings the original barn wood look to your home. Each of the four style options offers those natural imperfections that make barn doors so appealing. Feeling a little unsure? Don’t worry, installing your Stikit barn door is a reasonably simple and straightforward process for any DIY lover to accomplish.

No matter what you envision for your home, we have a wide variety to help you create the look you’ve been dreaming of. We hope this gave you the inspiration you need to get started on your own space makeover. Don't forget to send us a few pictures to show off those unique designs! Are you ready to get to work? Start adding your favorite looks to your cart now!