59 Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Renovating your interior doesn’t have to mean tearing down walls and investing crazy amounts of time and money into the endeavor. When you’re wise about your home interior changes, you can save both money and time while achieving outstanding results. Peel-and-stick wood planks act as a stunning wall décor piece. They’re easy to install, don’t cost a fortune, and come in hundreds of different designs. In today’s article, we share 59 of the most beautiful wood accent wall ideas for nearly any budget.


1. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Beams Planks

Reclaimed Sierra Silver peel and stick wood planks by Stikwood come in various colors and textures. Whichever design you go for, you’re guaranteed to get a unique look. The colors range from cinnamon red to chocolate brown, and silver bursts are common throughout the planks. Sierra Silver planks are suitable for pairing with other wall and interior décor surfaces. They can be applied to the ceiling, like in this example, to accentuate the structure and add contrast to white details.

2. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray Kitchen / Hallway

This Weathered Wood Gray set of wall planks is perfect for any kitchen regardless of the surrounding elements. The calming gray wash showcases the wood’s natural finish and adds an authentic, rustic feel. The planks are easy to install, don’t contain any chemicals, and are also eco-friendly.

3. Cobblestone Wall Planks

Cobblestone wood wall planks by Stikwood come in a subtle light brown tint that complements the gray tones. The construction is made from reclaimed pine wood and takes a modern touch on traditional wooden surfaces with an earthy finish. The planks make a great decorative element above the kitchen counters and pair exceptionally well with white and navy blue elements.

4. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Detail

Whether you’re an enthusiast of dark wood elements or want to add contrast to a bright kitchen, this Reclaimed Barrel Oak wood plank can get the job done. In its barrel form, the deep-brown tint mixes with a subtle purple touch from wine. The French oak construction with the unfinished original patina complements any kitchen element from the bottom to the top.

5. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White Residential Kitchen Idea

Reclaimed Weathered Wood White wall planks show style, authenticity, and elegance. The planks are made from 100% reclaimed pine wood while the finish is called “Unfinished Original Patina with Wash.” The design features rustic nail holes, color variations, and knot holes for a unique texture and touch. Ideally placed above the kitchen cabinets, this application of Weathered Wood White planks is a textbook example of the simplicity and effectiveness of these elements.

6. Hamptons Plank Wall

The Hamptons wood planks are a subtle, easy-to-install wood wall solution for any homeowner who wishes to breathe fresh air into their kitchen. The rustic style appeals to all generations, and the simple adhesive installation makes the setup suitable for DIYers. Ideal for residential kitchens, this specific wood wall element is a perfect fit for most style preferences. These planks don’t feature any VOCs, and all finishes are done in-house or are left entirely natural.

7. Hamptons Rugged Rooster

White Hamptons peel and stick wood planks give off a rustic yet modern feel. They bring an airy, refreshing appeal into the kitchen. Best of all, they are easily affixed with adhesive strips that make for a super simple installation. Whether you’re refurbishing a residential dining room or kitchen, these wood planks can perfectly match any interior.

8. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Residential Kitchen

Sierra Silver wood planks come from the best-quality coastal redwood and western red cedar sourced in the U.S. only. The Unfinished Original Patina makes for a rustic and authentic feel. Due to a range of finishes, this wood plank fits all kitchen styles and serves as an ideal decorative piece for central kitchen elements, as in the example above.


1. Hamptons Wood Plank Residential

Want to bring an adorable, natural, and rustic look into your bedroom? If so, these Hamptons wood wall planks may be the right choice. Made from 100% wooden material and finish, they are also eco-friendly and don’t contain any VOCs. All it takes to install this beautiful wall décor element is to peel off the adhesive back and stick the plank onto the wall. Easy as that!

2. Golden Oak Bedroom Idea

Whether you’re refurbishing a children’s or master bedroom, this smooth Golden Oak wood plank set will make for a perfect upgrade. The warm, yellow tones make the ambiance more pleasant, while the natural holes, oxidation marks, and knots emphasize the authentic look. The classic finish from a European plant-based oil is smooth and shiny; you’ll feel warm just by looking at it!

3. Minimalist Fir for Behind the Bed

The Minimalist Fir with its soft, light-pink wood planks adds a gentle, subtle, and innocent touch to any bedroom. Ideal as a protective wall element for behind the bed, these planks are super easy to install as well. Peel the adhesive tape from the back and apply the planks across the wall surface in seconds.

4. Reclaimed Natural Plank Details

The Reclaimed Natural wood planks are perfect for authentic, warm spaces, especially for children’s bedrooms. The natural plank texture showcases the wood’s character, including oxidation marks, nail holes, or other signs of the element’s past life.

5. Charcoal Wood Planks

Want to bring the best of Japanese Shou-Sugi-Ban wood charring art into your bedroom? If so, this Charcoal Peel and Stick Wood Plank set may be right up your alley. The charred matte look of these planks with a subtle touch of American Red Oak makes for an ideal combination.

6. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray Upgrade

This modern-looking yet rustic wood plank set is a perfect match for bedrooms of all sizes. Use the planks from the floor to the ceiling like in this example or only cover a portion of the wall – it’s all according to your personal preference. The calming gray wash comes from 100% reclaimed pine sourced in the U.S.

7. Reclaimed Sierra Silver for the Bedroom

The Reclaimed Sierra Silver wood plank pack is for anyone who wants to bring a chocolatey brown and silver tint into their bedroom. The versatile and authentic finish makes this plank among the most popular bedroom choices. With just enough warm vibes for the winter and a natural, rustic touch for the summer, it hardly gets better than this when it comes to bedroom wood wall ideas.

8. Reclaimed Rustic Slate Plank Project

This smooth and versatile Rustic Slate wood plank finish has a rustic character with a modern finish giving off gray tints. The unusual combination draws your attention and shows off the wood's intricate character with knots, nail holes, and signs of sun exposure. The simple installation and strong finish make this option an excellent value for the money.

1. Hamptons Bathroom Solution

Hamptons wood wall planks add an airy, rustic, and natural look to any bathroom. The creamy white color and raw materials and finish make for a stunning wood wall idea you’ll love from day one. The planks are easy to install; you only have to peel the back off to expose the adhesive part and stick the piece on the wall. Reclaimed pine wood works excellently in humid environments, so you can enjoy your new bathroom for years.

2. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Residential Bathroom Wall

Want to add some natural, rustic, yet modern wall décor to your bathroom? If so, this Sierra Silver wood wall plank combination may be what you need. The dark, warm-red hue, in combination with the silver tint, makes for a versatile finish that fits most surroundings.

3. Hamptons Minimalist Plank Idea

This bright, beachy, modern wood plank set makes a great single-wall decorative piece for bathrooms. The design doesn't stand out too much because of the subtle texture. Instead, it goes with the rest of the bathroom in a sophisticated, Hamptons-style way.

4. Hazelnut Wall Wood Plank

This cozy, natural, and perfectly textured hazelnut plank makes for the perfect bathroom wall. Add it as a contrasting feature at the top of the ceiling, like in this example, for a subtle touch of nature. The reclaimed pine material and European plant-based oil finish make this a long-lasting and moisture-resistant wood plank investment.

5. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Bathroom Plank

Looking for a sophisticated accent wall idea that’s easy to install and looks amazing? This Barrel Oak peel and stick wood plank set is a great choice. The dark-brown hue with tints of purple coming from the wine that used to be stored within adds an irresistible and unique touch to any bathroom.

6. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray for the Walls

The Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray wood planks for bathrooms make for modern, non-traditional, yet rustic elements. The tints of light and dark brown and the calming gray wash accentuate the wood’s natural finish. The knot holes, nail holes, and deep grooves add character and authenticity.

7. Minimalist Fir Residential Wall Idea

Modern-style bathrooms can benefit from this Minimalist Fir wood wall plank idea more than any other. The soft-pink planks add character, a lovely touch, and a smooth texture. The 100% reclaimed Douglas Fir wood and European plant-based oil finish make a unique combination that matches bathroom settings of other types as well.

8. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Bathroom Plank

The Reclaimed Barrel Oak plank set is where modern elements meet wine country. The planks are made from stained wine barrels in a combination of brown and purple (wine-originated) tints. This project is a perfect example of a fully barrel-oaked bathroom refurbishment that can be achieved in a single day.

1. Hamptons Nursery Planks

Hamptons wood wall planks for nurseries are a lovely addition that brings a natural, refreshing look into a newborn’s space. The pieces are super easy to install and come in a lovely, natural creamy-white color that matches most indoor spaces. The eco-friendly material and no VOCs make this an ideal solution for any room in a home, and a nursery in particular.

2. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White Planks

The Reclaimed Weathered Wood White planks are an ideal solution for any nursery. Made from U.S.-sourced reclaimed wood planks, these products come with a farmhouse feel in soft white. The material is made from authentic pine planks and has a thin coat of whitewash with a barnwood highlight. The beautiful surface showcases deep textures made by long-lasting exposure to the sun and the elements.

3. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White II

Want to make your baby’s room corner special and unique? Stikwood’s Reclaimed Weathered Wood collection of wood planks may be what you’re looking for. The rustic and elegant feel with a soft-white touch adds comfort, peace, and serenity to any newborn’s living space. The natural and chemical-free elements make them a safe investment for the baby’s environment.

4. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray for Partial Covering

The appeal of Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray wood planks is timeless. The deep texture of natural pine wood showcases the sun and element exposure traces that ideally complement the planks’ soft and pleasant surface. Ideal as a partial or all-around wall cover, these planks add brightness and good vibes to your nursery. When you add the easy setup process and chemical-free elements, it’s obvious why many new parents choose Stikwood planks as their preferred wall décor element.

5. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray Partial Wood Plank Cover

Wood planks can be installed on all four sides of the room, on a single wall, or as a small centerpiece. The latter example shown in the image adds a warm touch and feel to the nursery and serves as a replacement for other wall décor. The easy peel-and-stick installation means you should be able to achieve this look in less than an hour!

6. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray for the Nursery

Decorate any nursery area with reclaimed weathered wood gray wood planks to achieve a rustic, soft, and airy feel. The tints of white, orange, and black add a warm and welcoming aspect that is relaxing to look at. Make sure you and your baby feel comfortable spending your days in the nursery surrounded by these natural and calming planks made in the U.S.

7. Minimalist Fir in Soft Rose

Never did a minimalist nursery room look as sophisticated and welcoming as with Stikwood’s Minimalist Fir wood plank collection. These soft-pink planks are full of character. They’re non-traditional and stunning. The construction is cut from real wood, so the surface shows natural oxidation marks and nail holes for added authenticity. The reclaimed Douglas Fir was sourced across the U.S., while the finish is from European plant-based oil.

8. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White Plank

The creamy-white finish of the Stikwood Weathered Wood plank collection is ideal as a single-wall cover. It opens up the room and gives it a unique and rustic feel. The farmhouse finish adds a cozy, authentic look that’s super easy to install. Peel and stick the planks onto the wall and you’re good to go.

1. Hamptons Plank Details

Hamptons peel-and-stick planks are unique in so many ways. They bring a natural, rustic look to any residential space. They are an easy fit for most interior areas, regardless of the style and existing décor. When you think about how easy it is to put together and how high-quality and natural the materials are, it's hard not to want to update your living room with this beautiful plank set.

2. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Residential Living Room

Sierra Silver wood planks by Stikwood are always a good idea for residential living rooms. The chocolatey-brown tint with silver hues makes for a versatile, dynamic, and popular design. The wood is 100% natural coastal redwood and western red cedar.

3. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray Designer Living Room

This designer living room with Weathered Wood Gray wood planks is one of the best examples of how versatile these elements can be. When combined with white and brown furniture, they make a perfect combination that’s eye-catching and modern.

4. Charcoal Residential Living Room

The charcoal wood planks represent unique wall décor elements inspired by Shou Sugi Ban. The charred look and feel, along with the matte look and the American red oak underneath, give any living room a sophisticated and natural touch.

5. Minimalist Fir Residential Living Room Accent

Looking for the ideal living room accent for one side of the area? Consider this minimalist fir wood plank set in a gentle, soft-rose color. The smooth surface and subtle grain patterns give any room a natural wood touch and a unique dimension.

6. Charcoal Residential Stairs

If you have stairs going from the living room to the second floor, this stunning residential stair wall decorative element is well worth consideration. The pattern matches the white walls perfectly but can also fit in with other colors.

7. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Residential Stairs

Here’s yet another authentic and warm wall décor idea for the stairs in the living room. Any white space, including that on the pillars, can benefit from a Barrel Oak wood plank redecoration. Match the tint with the color of the stairs or add the planks to them for an authentic touch.

8. Golden Oak Living Room Fireplace

What better way to decorate the wall behind the fireplace than with natural wooden planks? The warm, yellow tones do a great job emphasizing the natural patterns from nail holes, knots, and oxidization marks. Make your living room even warmer this winter with this easy-to-install, affordable, and long-lasting wood plank idea.

1. Hamptons Residential Dining Room Planks

These Stikwood Hamptons wood wall planks are a terrific choice for homeowners who want to give their dining room a rustic, natural, and authentic look. This set is made from 100% wooden materials and installs in no time — and it won’t break the bank. The white design matches most dining room styles and existing settings, so no extra work needs to be done in the room.

2. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Dining Room Beams

These Sierra Silver wood planks do a great job of complementing the living room and dining room beams. Whether you’re after a rustic, natural, or modern look, you can add these wood plank decorative elements to the ceiling or wall beams for a touch of authenticity and contrast.

3. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray Residential Kitchen and Dining Room Planks

The Weathered Wood Gray planks in this example show how warm gray and white tint can complement a modern kitchen and dining room space. This is a safe way to decorate your dining room because it is made of natural wood, is easy to put together, and doesn't contain any chemicals. The unique texture pairs excellently with different styles and is guaranteed to bring coziness and warmth.The unique texture goes well with a variety of styles and is sure to make you feel cozy and warm.

5. Hamptons Wood Wall Planks

These Hamptons wood wall planks are made from natural wood and bring a natural, rustic, yet upscale appeal to any dining room. Dine in style and add a refreshing, airy feel to your interior in a creamy-white color. Don’t stress about the installation either – these wood planks are ready to be installed in a few simple steps.

6. Charcoal Residential Dining Room

Black is the classic color of elegance and style. This charcoal residential dining room is perfect evidence. You can add more color harmony and sophistication to your dining room by putting these charcoal wood planks with black dining chairs or other black pieces.

7. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White Restyle

This Reclaimed Weathered Wood White wood plank idea for the dining room will work in any style of room. The soft, creamy-white tint mixed with hues of gray adds a dose of warmth but also a rustic and natural look. The old patina on the reclaimed pine is still there, and the surface is deeply textured and washed.

8. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Residential Trailer Backsplash

Adding high-quality wood plank pieces to a residential trailer makes the vehicle one step closer to looking like an authentic, natural home. The warm, dark-brown and silver hues are ideal for rustic-style kitchens and dining rooms in small spaces. Thanks to their color versatility, they match other styles like modern, eastern, or boho. The final result is added coziness, warmth, and comfort.

1. Charcoal Residential Entryway

Bring the rustic, elegant, and natural look of the outdoors inside with this Charcoal Peel and Stick wood wall plank set. Whether your hallway is built in a modern or old-school style, a Charcoal plank finish for one or multiple walls of the hallway will fit right in.

2. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Residential Stairs

Residential stairs in hallways can get a completely different look when refurbished with Stikwood’s Barrel Oak wood planks. Custom-cut pieces can go well with any staircase design and give the interior a soft, warm touch. Easy installation, chemical-free construction, and affordable pricing are only some of the additional benefits you’re in for with this stunning decorating option.

3. Residential Weathered Wood Gray Ceiling Idea

Renovating a ceiling doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simple wood planks like the Weathered Wood Gray combination can transform any hallway’s ceiling for good. The brown, gray, and black tints add contrast to the white surrounding walls and enhance the whole interior’s looks. The planks are available in random lengths from one to four inches, so you can create a fully customized ceiling decoration project.

4. Charcoal Residential Stairway Area

This charcoal wood plank set inspired by Shou Sugi Ban is perfect for the stairway and other hallway settings. The planks come with a distinctive charred appeal and a matte finish. There’s the American red oak underlayment that gives away subtle tints of red. The easy installation, 100% natural wood construction, and European plant-based oil finish make this plank idea worth the investment.

5. Onyx Residential Feature Wall

Reclaimed Onyx wood planks are dark, deep, and full of texture. Get the best out of wood’s natural beauty in a modern way. The rich surface has natural wood undertones that are great for making dramatic and darker spaces. If you don’t want your hallway to look too rustic, this is a perfect plank setting to achieve a more modern look. The Onyx planks come with adhesive strips on the back that you can peel and stick to the wall for a fast setup.

6. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Vertical Landing Stairs

When you combine modern design with wine country, you get these stunning, natural, and sophisticated Barrel Oak wood planks. By matching the elements to the stairs, you can make the hallway look better and the upper floor more inviting. The 100% natural wood, free of chemicals, is built to last, while the smooth texture with a natural tint complements any modern space perfectly.

7. Charcoal Residential Stairs Planks

Here’s another example of how charcoal can make a hallway look more modern. The black matte finish on top of the American red oak is perfect for eclectic and modern interiors. The planks are super easy to fit and are made from 100% natural wood. The European plant-based oil finish further protects the surface and ensures it lasts for years.

8. Reclaimed Barrel Oak Stairs

Here’s a familiar example again to show how hallways can benefit from a subtle reclaimed barrel oak wood plank renovation. No matter how wide or narrow the hallway is, it won't be hard to put the wood plank elements on any beams or walls. The way this one looks goes well with the stairs and stands out against the white walls. You can achieve the same effect with minimal effort – peel the adhesive strips from the back of the planks and stick them to the wall.

1. Reclaimed Sierra Silver Laundry Room Wood Plank Example

The laundry room is one of the most humid places in a home. The natural coastal redwood and western red cedar of these reclaimed Sierra Silver planks with an unfinished original patina serve as excellent decoration and protection elements for the walls. Cover as little or as much of the laundry room as necessary. The results are going to be fabulous.The versatile finish and texture match most laundry room styles, whether modern, rustic, or traditional. The DIY-friendly nature of the planks means you can transform the laundry space in no time without any extra help.

1. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray

The Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray plank works great for mudrooms. It’s simple, elegant, and rustic. Plus, the 100% natural material and eco-friendly construction make it an excellent value for the money. The gray, white, and black colors go well with most indoor spaces because they don't stand out too much.

2. Hamptons Mudroom Plank Idea

Hamptons Stikwood wood planks are ideal wall decoration pieces for any area, and the mudroom is no exception. The creamy, white color from the natural wood is perfect for a lobby or entry room of any size, type, or style. Cover a single wall or all of them, and you won’t regret your choice. Simple installation and affordable pricing of such projects are additional reasons you will want to consider redecorating your mudroom yourself!

Final Thoughts

Wood accent wall ideas from this article are stylish, high-quality, and super easy to set up. Whether you’re looking for rustic, minimalistic, glossy, or matte, you can find a wood wall plank to meet all preferences and tastes. Want to see what more is out there? Visit Stikwood’s official website to shop for these and many other wood planks suitable for all tastes and budgets.